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Breaking, also known as breakdancing or b-boying/b-girling, is an urban dance that is part of hip-hop culture and emerged in the United States in the 1970s. Today, we’re going to tell you everything we know about the biggest names in breaking today!

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The biggest names in breaking today

Biggest names in Breaking today: historical context

The dance came to life at the vibrant block parties in the Bronx neighborhood of New York. It is marked by acrobatic movements, stylized steps and the central importance of the DJ and MC (master of ceremonies) during the battles.

International competitions began to be held in the 1990s, helping to popularize this dance both in hip hop communities and among the general public over time.

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Biggest names in Breaking today: Paris Olympics 2024 

Breaking made its debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018.

Due to its huge success, breaking has been selected to be part of the Paris 2024 Olympic sports program as a new discipline, along with surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing.

seu melhor jogo

The breaking competition at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will include two events – one for men and one for women – in which 16 B-boys and 16 B-girls will compete in impressive solo battles;

Competitors will perform a powerful combination of moves – such as windmills, 6-step and freezes – while adjusting their routines and improvising to the rhythm of the DJ’s music in order to win the judges’ votes and earn their first Olympic medals.

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Rules of a breaking competition

The rules of a Breaking competition may vary depending on the event, but they generally follow a similar format. Here are some of the common rules in Breaking competitions, especially at high-level events such as Red Bull BC One and the Olympic Games:

Competition format

  1. Battles: Breaking competitions are held in battle format, where two competitors (or two teams) face each other directly.
  2. Rounds: Battles consist of several rounds, in which each competitor has the chance to introduce themselves and respond to their opponent. The number of rounds can vary, but generally there are between 1 and 3 per battle.

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Evaluation criteria

Judges evaluate competitors based on various criteria, which may include:

  1. Fundamentals: includes basic movements such as footwork, toprock and downrock.
  2. Originality: the creativity and innovation of movements and combinations.
  3. Technical Execution: the precision, control and clarity of movements.
  4. Musicality: the ability to dance in sync with the music and respond to the rhythms and beats.
  5. Performance: stage presence, attitude and general energy during the performance.
  6. Freezes: movements in which the dancer maintains a static position, usually in a difficult or acrobatic position.
  7. Power Moves: acrobatic, high-energy moves that require strength and body control, such as windmills and head spins.

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Rules of conduct

  1. Respect: competitors must show mutual respect and maintain sporting ethics. Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in penalties.
  2. Time: Each competitor has a limited amount of time for each round of presentation. Exceeding this time may result in a loss of points.
  3. Infringements: moves that involve excessive physical contact with the opponent, use of objects or any behavior considered dangerous are prohibited.

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The battles are judged by a panel of experienced judges, who decide the winner based on the evaluation criteria mentioned. The judges’ decision can be unanimous or by majority vote.


A DJ usually provides the music for the battles. The music can vary in tempo and style, and competitors must be able to adapt their movements to the chosen music.

Equipment and location

  1. Dance floor: the area where the battles take place must be suitable for the safe execution of movements.
  2. Clothing and footwear: there are no strict rules, but competitors generally wear comfortable clothing and footwear that allows adequate mobility and grip.

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What does an athlete need to present?

The fundamental movements of Olympic breaking include:

Power Move: performed when athletes rotate their bodies continuously, maintaining balance with their hands, elbows, back or shoulders.

Top Rock and Go Down: The basis of any breaking battle, the top rock is the breaker’s standing dance, preparing for the go down, which is when they start dancing on the floor.

Footwork: performed when the breaker is on the floor, using the hands to support the body while moving the feet and legs.

Freeze: occurs when the breaker holds their body still for a few seconds, usually supported only by their hands, away from the ground.

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To achieve a good score and emerge victorious, it is essential to master these movements and execute them with precision, creativity and musicality, as well as impressing the judges with fluidity and innovation.

Who are the biggest names in Breaking today in Brazil?

Brazil’s leading names in breaking are currently:

SB-Boy Leony

  • Crew: Amazon Crew
  • Career start: 2008
  • Achievements: 5 times champion of Red Bull BC One Brazil

B-Girl Toquinha

  • Crew: Funk Fockers
  • Career start: 2012
  • Achievements: Champion Rival vs Rival 2017 and 2018; champion Redbull Cypher São Paulo 2019 and 2023; champion CNDD Dance Sport 2022 and 2023, champion Fábrica Cultural 2022, champion Soul Battle 2022

B-Girl Nathana

  • Crew: Crew da Cidade
  • Career start: 2013
  • Achievements: Champion El Pastel Mexico; Battle Break Bolivia; Eurobattle Portugal; Eurobattle Brazil; LetsBattle Portugal; B-Girl Confronto; Batom Battle; El Pastel Funk Paradise; Feminal Battle Colombia; among others.

B-Boy Rato EVN

  • Crew: Evolution Kingz Crew
  • Career start: 2009
  • Achievements: 2nd place Red Bull BC One Cypher Brazil 2015; champion Shock Frontal 2016; champion Battle In The Cypher 2016; champion World Battle (Portugal) in 2017; champion Master Crews 2017; Outbreak Europe 2018 (Slovakia); champion Excellence Breaking Battle (Portugal) in 2018 and 2019; MVP – Son 15 (Spain, 2019); Break Through champion (Switzerland, 2019), Who Roles Galicia champion (Spain) in 2019 and 2020; Esposende Street Battle 2×2 champion (Portugal, 2019); The World Battle Quify champion (Portugal, 2018); among others.

B-Boy Luan San

  • Crew: Funk Fockers
  • Career start: 2004
  • Conquistas: 1º Lugar Cndd Breaking Sport Brasileiro 2022; 1º Lugar Goma Breaking Battle 2023 Brasil; 1º Lugar Hip-Hop Session França; 1º Lugar Red Bull BC One Latin Améica; 1º Lugar World B-Boy Classic Holanda; 1º Lugar EuroBattle Portugal; 1º Lugar King Of What Los Angeles; 4º Lugar Breaking World Championship Paris WDSF; 1º Lugar Campeonato Brasileiro de Breaking Sport CNDD 2022 e 2º Lugar Campeonato Brasileiro de Breaking Sport CNDD 2023.

B-Boy Flash

  • Crews: Jesus Niggaz, Rock Ninjaz e Everlast Energy Crew
  • Career start: 2008
  • Achievements: Champion of the Red Bull BC One Cypher Brazil in 2022

What are Brazil’s chances of winning a medal at the Olympics?

The CNDD’s breaking coach, José Bispo de Assis, known as Bispo SB, sees great potential in the Pernambucan, considering him a promise already realized;

“He has speed, creativity and musicality, essential characteristics for an Olympic champion, according to international refereeing criteria,” he said;

“Flash is one of the youngest and already has the ability to compete with the best in the country. He has a long way to grow before the 2028 Olympics,” he added.

In addition to the sporting aspect, breaking is also a lifestyle that involves children and teenagers.

It’s no coincidence that the sport delighted the public at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Games, arousing the interest of the International Olympic Committee.

With this, José Aílton wants to expand the educational impact of the sport beyond geographical borders. “My goal is to introduce the sport to my city and develop a project,” he says.

Who are the biggest names in Breaking today in the world?

Currently, the top five female athletes in breaking are:

  1. B-Girl Ayumi (Japan): one of the most outstanding dancers, champion of the 2021 World Breaking Championships.
  2. B-Girl Ami (Japan): another Japanese star, winner of gold at the 2022 World Games.
  3. B-Girl Sunny (United States): always among the best in international competitions, she performs constantly and impressively.
  4. B-Girl Madmax (Belgium): Recognized for her strength and technique, she is an outstanding competitor on the European scene.
  5. B-Girl Paulina (Poland): has excelled in international championships, representing Poland with great skill.

Among the men, we have:

  1. Boy Menno (Netherlands): considered one of the best breaking dancers in the world, Menno is known for his creative and fluid style. He has won several international competitions, including the Red Bull BC One World Final.
  2. Boy Wing (South Korea): with a complex technique and dynamic routines, Wing stood out on the international scene from a young age. He is famous for his ability to integrate difficult moves into his performances with an impeccable flow.
  3. Boy Issei (Japan): recognized for his energetic style and perfect synchronization with the music. He has won several championships, including the Red Bull BC One World Final in 2016.
  4. Boy Victor (United States): known for his original style and exceptional skills. He is one of the few to have won the Red Bull BC One World Final twice.
  5. Boy Hong 10 (South Korea): one of South Korea’s most famous dancers, Hong 10 is known for his stamina and creativity. He has won several competitions, including the Red Bull BC One World Final in 2006.

Did you like getting to know the biggest names in breaking today? Stay tuned for other Olympic disciplines:

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