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In soccer, the goalkeeper is an extremely important figure, often responsible for ensuring the team’s safety and, in decisive moments, winning heroic victories. At Cruzeiro, this position has always been occupied by players of great talent and competence. That’s why we’ve selected the best goalkeepers in Cruzeiro’s history.

Throughout the club’s history, many goalkeepers have stood out, leaving their mark on fans’ memories.

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The best goalkeepers in Cruzeiro’s history

1 – Dida

Dida, whose full name is Nélson de Jesus Silva, played for Cruzeiro between 1994 and 1998. Known for his coolness in decisive moments, Dida was instrumental in winning the Copa do Brasil in 1996 and the Copa Libertadores in 1997. His ability to save penalties is legendary, making him one of the best goalkeepers in Cruzeiro’s history.

2 – Raul Plassmann

Raul Plassmann played for Cruzeiro from 1965 to 1978, a glorious period for the club. He was the starting goalkeeper in the historic Libertadores Cup win in 1976. Known for his security and leadership on the pitch, Raul is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Cruzeiro and Brazilian soccer.

3 – Fábio Deivson Lopes Maciel

Fábio, an undisputed idol, played for Cruzeiro from 2005 to 2021. He is the player with the most appearances in the club’s history and was a key player in winning several titles, including two Brazilian Cups (2017, 2018) and two Brazilian Championships (2013, 2014). His regularity and commitment to the club place him in the pantheon of Cruzeirenses’ greatest goalkeepers.

melhores goleiros da história do Cruzeiro

4 – Jefferson de Oliveira Galvão

Jefferson, before making a name for himself with Botafogo and the Brazilian national team, had a brief spell with Cruzeiro at the start of his career, between 2003 and 2005. Even in a short period, he showed great potential and talent, which would be confirmed later.

seu melhor jogo

5 – Bosco

Bosco played for Cruzeiro between 2000 and 2003. Although he was often a substitute, when he was called upon he showed great skill and security, helping the team at important times.

6 – Rafael Cabral

Rafael Cabral arrived at Cruzeiro in 2022, bringing with him the experience of having played in Europe. Since then, he has been a key part of the team, showing security and skill, establishing himself as one of the club’s best recent goalkeepers.

7 – Artur Moraes

Artur Moraes, known as Artur, played for Cruzeiro in 2007. Despite his brief spell, he made a good impression due to his technique and agility, which made him stand out in several matches.

8 – André Döring

André Döring played for Cruzeiro in the 1990s and is remembered for his good performances and important contributions to the team during his time at the club.

9 – Alexandre Fávaro

Alexandre Fávaro played for Cruzeiro in 2006. Even with a relatively short spell, his good performances earned him recognition and respect from the fans.

10 – Wellington Fajardo

Wellington Fajardo played for Cruzeiro in the 1980s. With good performances and consistency, he was an important part of the team during his time at the club.

11 – Harlei de Menezes Silva

Harlei played for Cruzeiro between 1994 and 1996. He later made a name for himself at Goiás, but his contribution to Cruzeiro was significant, showing talent and dedication.

12 – Gléguer Zorzin

Gléguer played for Cruzeiro between 2001 and 2002. Known for his assured saves, he was a reliable goalkeeper during his time at the club.

13 – Maizena

Maizena played for Cruzeiro at the end of the 90s. His good performances, especially in decisive matches, earned him a place in the memories of Cruzeiro fans.

Melhores goleiros da história do Cruzeiro

14 – Gomes

Before making it big in Europe, Heurelho Gomes had a spell at Cruzeiro between 2002 and 2004. His spectacular saves and imposing presence in goal made him one of the fans’ favorites.

15 – Elisson Aparecido Rosa

Elisson, a graduate of Cruzeiro’s youth system, played for the first team between 2012 and 2014. Although he wasn’t a first-choice keeper, his assured performances when called upon showed his value to the club.

List: the best goalkeepers in Cruzeiro’s history

  1. Dida
  2. Raul Plassmann
  3. Fábio Deivson Lopes Maciel
  4. Jefferson de Oliveira Galvão
  5. Bosco
  6. Rafael Cabral
  7. Artur Moraes
  8. André Döring
  9. Alexandre Fávaro
  10. Wellington Fajardo
  11. Harlei de Menezes Silva
  12. Gléguer Zorzin
  13. Maizena
  14. Gomes
  15. Elisson Aparecido Rosa

Cruzeiro’s goalkeepers have always played a crucial role in the club’s history, providing security and confidence to the defense. From the glorious days of Raul Plassmann to the modern era with Fábio and Rafael Cabral, Cruzeiro have always had exceptional talents under their posts.

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