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Cruzeiro Esporte Clube stands out with a variety of talented players. Take a look back at the best left-backs in Cruzeiro’s history.

A left winger is a player who plays on the side of the field, usually on the left wing, and is responsible for creating attacking moves, crossing and often scoring goals.

At Cruzeiro, some left-wingers have caught the eye throughout history, making a significant contribution to the team’s success. These players became idols not only for their skill and speed, but also for their ability to decide important matches.

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What is the role of a left winger?

Left-sided players in soccer use speed and skill to dribble past their opponents, advancing down the flanks and creating goal-scoring opportunities. They are often tasked with crossing the ball into the box, looking to connect with strikers or other teammates in advantageous positions.

In addition, left-backs can cut inside and attempt shots on goal, taking advantage of their vision and finishing ability.

Defensively, left-footed players help protect their side of the field, putting pressure on opponents and preventing them from getting forward.

Best left-backs in Cruzeiro’s history

Dirceu Lopes

Dirceu Lopes, known as “Príncipe”, played for Cruzeiro from 1963 to 1977. Although he was also a midfielder, he often played as a left winger, using his technical ability and speed to break down opposing defenses. He was instrumental in winning the 1966 Copa Brasil.

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Joãozinho played for Cruzeiro from 1973 to 1982 and is one of the club’s greatest idols. As a left winger, he was famous for his quick dribbling and precise crosses. Joãozinho was crucial in winning the Libertadores in 1976, scoring important goals throughout the campaign.

Éder Aleixo

Éder Aleixo, known for his powerful left leg and ability to take free-kicks, had a remarkable spell at Cruzeiro between 1983 and 1984. As a left winger, he brought experience and technical quality to the team and was one of the highlights of the period.


Ronaldo, the “Phenomenon”, began his career at Cruzeiro in 1993, often playing as a left winger. His speed, skill and finishing ability quickly caught the eye and he became one of the most promising youngsters of the time.

Marcelo Moreno

Marcelo Moreno, who played for Cruzeiro in different spells (2007-2008, 2014-2015 and 2020-2021), is known for his versatility. As a left winger, he used his strength and aerial ability to be a constant threat to opponents.


Elivélton had an outstanding spell with Cruzeiro between 1998 and 2000. As a left winger, he was known for his speed and crossing ability, and was a key part of the team’s attack.


Geovanni played for Cruzeiro between 2000 and 2003 and was one of the team’s main attacking weapons. As a left winger, he was famous for his dribbling skills and accurate long-range shots.


Another of the best left-backs in Cruzeiro’s history is Marinho. He was one of Cruzeiro’s great left-backs in the 70s, playing between 1972 and 1975. His ability to dribble and cross dangerous balls made him a vital player for the team.

Pedro Rocha

Pedro Rocha, although best known for his career with São Paulo, had an important spell with Cruzeiro in 1979. As a left winger, he brought experience and class to the team’s attack.


Aristizábal, the Colombian striker, had a remarkable spell with Cruzeiro in 2003, playing as a left winger. His technical ability and finishing skills helped the team win the Triple Crown that year. He is also one of the best left-backs in Cruzeiro’s history.

Wellington Paulista

Wellington Paulista, although best known as a center forward, had moments when he played as a left winger during his time at Cruzeiro (2009-2012, 2013). His physical presence and ability to score goals were fundamental to the team.


Almir, known as “Pernambuquinho”, played for Cruzeiro from 1961 to 1965. As a left winger, he was known for his ability to dribble and create attacking moves, and was one of the team’s main names at the time.


Edu, one of the greatest winger in the history of Brazilian soccer, had a brief but significant spell at Cruzeiro in 1973. His skill and experience were important to the team during his stay.

Marcelo Ramos

Marcelo Ramos, although best known as a striker, had spells at Cruzeiro (1995-1999, 2003-2005) where he played as a left winger on several occasions. His ability to score goals and create attacking moves made him a versatile and important player. His talents have earned him a place on the list of the best left-backs in Cruzeiro’s history.


Kleber, known as the “Gladiator”, played for Cruzeiro between 2009 and 2011. Often playing as a left winger, his physical strength and finishing ability were key to the team’s success during his time there.

List: the best left-wingers in Cruzeiro’s history

  1. Dirceu Lopes
  2. Joãozinho
  3. Éder Aleixo
  4. Ronaldo
  5. Marcelo Moreno
  6. Elivélton
  7. Geovanni
  8. Marinho
  9. Pedro Rocha
  10. Aristizábal
  11. Wellington Paulista
  12. Almir
  13. Edu
  14. Marcelo Ramos
  15. Kleber

The history of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube is rich and full of achievements, much due to the talent and dedication of those players who played as left-wingers. They left a legacy of skill, passion and victories that continue to inspire new generations of fans and players.

Did you enjoy remembering the best left-backs in Cruzeiro’s history? Then keep following our articles to learn more about the history and idols of Brazilian soccer.

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