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Which teams havewon the UEFA Conference League? This is a very common question among fans, especially when the championship is approaching. After all, understanding the leaders in wins helps you understand each team’s chances, doesn’t it?

Without a doubt, history is important for learning more about each team and placing your bets on the teams that have the best chance of winning a new cup.

Especially when the championship brings together smaller teams that aren’t as well known around the world, but are competitive and have great stars, making for exciting matches.

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List of all UEFA Conference League champions by year

The list of all UEFA Conference League champions includes:

  • Olýmpiacos (Greece) – 2023/24 season
  • West Ham (United Kingdom) – season 2022/23
  • Roma (Italy) – 2021/22 season

Yes, there are only a few UEFA Conference League champions because the championship is the most recent in Europe, having officially started in 2021.

2023-24Olympiacos (GRE)1 – 0 (pro)FiorentinaAgia Sophia Stadium
2022-23West Ham United (UK)2 – 1FiorentinaFortuna Arena
2021-22Roma (ITA)1 – 0FeyenoordKombëtare Arena

In 2024, from the second half of the year, the fourth edition of the league will begin, offering smaller teams the chance to take part in international competitions.

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Since its creation, the idea of the UEFA Europa Conference League has been to organize a third continental competition, which would bring together more teams from countries outside England, Spain, Italy and Germany.

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What is the UEFA Conference League?

The UEFA Europa Conference League is a soccer club competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). It was introduced in the 2021-2022 season as the third tier of European club competitions.

The championship is called Europe’s third, since the continent brings together other major tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

Why was the UEFA Conference League created?

The main aim of creating the UEFA Conference League is to give more opportunities to clubs from countries with less representation in European competitions. Furthermore, the league is an additional tournament, with which UEFA hopes to increase the competitiveness and prestige of smaller and medium-sized clubs in Europe.

So we’re talking about a platform that allows more European clubs to be included in continental competitions, promoting the development of soccer throughout Europe.

Not to mention that clubs from smaller leagues gain greater visibility and the chance to compete on a European stage, increasing the interest and engagement of fans and, of course, sponsors.

Biggest UEFA Conference League champions

The UEFA Conference League still doesn’t have a multi-season champion, as it is only in its fourth year of competition. To date, only three teams have been champions, each from a different country: Greece, the United Kingdom and Italy.

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How to become a UEFA Conference League champion? Competition format

Below, we’ve put together a guide to how the competition works, and what stages a team has to go through to make it onto the list of all UEFA Conference League champions.

Qualification stage

UEFA member associations are entitled to a place in the Conference League. They can enter the winner of their national cup and a certain number of other clubs, based on the teams’ ranking in their main national championship.

It’s very similar to what happens in Brazil with the Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana. Based on their position in the Brazilian Championship (Brasileirão), some clubs qualify for each of these competitions.

In the Libertadores and South American competitions, as well as the UEFA Conference League, each country has a number of places in the competition. This amount depends on a series of criteria used by the confederations, which we can’t go into now.

Once the teams have qualified for the League, the group stage begins, followed by the play-offs.

Group stage

From 2024/25 there will be 36 teams in the group stage, and each team will face eight other teams.

The top eight will advance directly to the round of 16

The teams that finish between ninth and 24th place will compete in the knockout stage play-offs, with the winners advancing to the Round of 16.

2. Elimination phase

From the round of 16, the competition follows a direct elimination format with back-to-back matches until the final. The loser is eliminated and the winner advances to the next stage.

The stages include the round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals.

3. Finals

The final is played in a single match at a predetermined venue before the start of the competition.

In addition to becoming one of the UEFA Conference League champions, the winner receives other prizes such as a place in the UEFA Europa League group stage the following season, as well as significant financial benefits, which allow for greater investment in the club and the consequent growth of the team.

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