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Have you heard of Cartola FC? It’s one of the most popular fantasy soccer games in Brazil, with the aim of bringing a unique and interactive experience to soccer fans. In this complete guide we’ve put together, you’ll find out everything about Cartola, learn how to play and line up your team.

Whether you’re a beginner or even a veteran looking to improve your skills, you’ll find all the essential information here to master Cartola FC and stand out in leagues with friends and competitors.

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All about Cartola: what it is

The first step to understanding all about Cartola is to find out exactly what it is. It’s a Globo game in which you can build your own team using real players from the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship.

The idea is to put together a team with the players you think will stand out in the league rounds, based on their actual performance on the pitch.

Each player has an initial budget (in Cartoletas) to buy players and build their team. Player prices vary and can increase or decrease based on their performance in matches.

All about Cartola: how to play

In Cartola, players accumulate points according to the performance of the players they have selected for their teams. Scoring criteria include goals, assists, goalkeeper saves, steals and many others. There are also penalties, such as yellow and red cards or own goals.

seu melhor jogo

As well as competing in the game’s overall ranking, participants can create or take part in private leagues with friends or public leagues. This adds a social and competitive element, making the game more interactive and fun.

Between rounds, participants can make transfers, selling and buying players to adjust their teams based on injuries, suspensions or simply looking for better performances.

Cartola offers statistics, tips and analysis to help players make informed decisions about their line-ups. In addition, the game is updated in real time with information from Serie A matches, allowing players to monitor their team’s performance and make adjustments as necessary.

Where can I play Cartola?

Cartola FC can be played on various platforms. You can play by visiting the game’s official website ( On the site, you can create and manage your team, take part in leagues, track scores and statistics, among other features.

Cartola FC is also available as an app for mobile devices. You can download the app from the app stores (Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices).

The app offers all the features of the website and allows you to manage your team from anywhere, at any time.

Step by step: how to create a Cartola account

To play, you need a Globo ID account, which you can create for free. This account is used to access Cartola FC both on the website and in the app. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a Cartola account:

  1. Go to the website or download the Cartola FC app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. On the website or app, click on “Login”.
  3. Then select the “Create a Globo account” option.
  4. Enter your personal details, such as full name, date of birth, e-mail address.
  5. Create a password. Confirm the password and proceed to the next step.
  6. Check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail from Globo.
  7. Click on the link provided to activate your account.
  8. After confirming your email, return to the Cartola FC website or application
  9. Log in with your newly created e-mail address and password.

How to create a team in Cartola

After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to choose a name for your team. The name will be visible to other players, so be creative and choose something unique.

To do this, enter the name in the field provided and click on “Next” or “Confirm”. You will then be directed to the shield customization section.

Choose the shape of the shield from the available options. Select the shield’s main and secondary colors. You can adjust the colors using the color palette provided.

Add decorative elements such as stripes, lines or icons if you wish. Click on “Save” or “Next” to confirm the shield.

After customizing the shield, you will be taken to the uniform customization section. Choose the uniform design from the various options available (stripes, solid colors, etc.). Select the main and secondary colors for the shirt, shorts and socks and adjust the details. Click on “Save” or “Next” to confirm the outfit.

Tudo sobre Cartola
All about Cartola: learn how to play and select your team

How to field a team in Cartola

Created the team? Now it’s time to line up the players. You start with 100 Cartoletas (C$), the in-game currency, to buy players. Each player has a price in Cartoletas, so manage your budget carefully.

You need to build your team with 11 starting players and 5 reserves. You also need to add a coach to your team.

After choosing all the players, review your line-up to make sure you’re happy with it. Make sure that the total cost of the players does not exceed your budget of 100 Cartoletas. Click on “Confirm line-up” to finish assembling the team.

How to participate in the Cartola rounds

With your team assembled, follow the rounds of the Brazilian Championship. The players’ performance on the pitch in real matches will determine your Cartola FC score.

Remember that between rounds, you can make transfers, buying and selling players to adjust your team as necessary. Keep an eye on the soccer news for informed decisions on injuries, suspensions and recent performances.

One tip is not to spend all your Cartoletas at once. Keep a reserve for future adjustments. Also, don’t always rely on the same players. Vary your choices based on performance and opponents.

Now that you know everything about Cartola, you can consider yourself an official cartoleiro or cartoleira! Be sure to follow Your Best Game to check out similar content and stay on top of everything that’s happening in the world of sports.

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