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The gaming area on YouTube has established itself as one of the most vibrant and popular on the platform. With millions of daily views, video game content creators not only entertain, but also influence the gaming industry and culture. Check out the best gaming youtubers in Brazil.

In Brazil, this scene is particularly dynamic, with YouTubers ranging from professional gamers to enthusiasts sharing their experiences, tips, analysis and gameplays.

These content creators have managed to capture the attention of a wide and diverse audience, becoming references for both casual and dedicated players.

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List: the best video game youtubers in Brazil

  1. Nobru
  2. Vinicius13
  3. AuthenticGames
  4. BRKsEDU
  5. Gameplayrj
  6. Fiaspo
  7. Nerd stuff
  8. Malena
  9. Spok
  10. Damianizando
  11. Gelli Clash
  12. Mikannn
  13. Boring Rat
  14. Rascal
  15. Young Nerd
  16. TazerCraft
  17. Angry Channel
  18. Hey Nerd
  19. Alanzoka
  20. LipaoGamer

Shall we learn more about each of these gaming channels in Brazil?

The best gaming YouTubers in Brazil


To start our list of the biggest gaming YouTubers in Brazil, Bruno Goes, better known as Nobru, is one of the most influential YouTubers in the Free Fire scene. His videos include gameplays, tips and strategies for improving in the game. Fun fact: Nobru is also a professional gamer and has already won the Free Fire World Championship with the Corinthians team.


One of Brazil’s most popular YouTubers in the Minecraft scene, Vinícius13 is known for his impressive builds and detailed tutorials, which help beginners and advanced players alike to improve their skills in the game. He is featured in several Minecraft player communities around the world.


Marco Túlio is the creator of the AuthenticGames channel, focused on Minecraft. His videos stand out for the quality of the constructions and the adventures he narrates. Fun fact: Marco Túlio also performs live shows inspired by his Minecraft channel. He can’t be left off this list of the best gaming YouTubers in Brazil.

seu melhor jogo


Eduardo Benvenuti, or BRKsEDU, is known for his detailed analysis and gameplays of various games. He has a very informative and critical commentary style. BRKsEDU is one of the few Brazilian YouTubers with an official partnership with Xbox. In turn, he can be considered one of the best gaming YouTubers in Brazil.


Davy Jones, the creator of Gameplayrj, covers a wide range of games, from new releases to classics. His videos vary between gameplays, analysis and news about the world of games. Davy Jones is one of the founding members of the ‘Nerdice’ channel. He is also one of the best gaming YouTubers in Brazil.


Rafael Ferrari, known as Fiaspo, is a YouTuber who has gained prominence for his humorous videos and criticism of the gaming world. Fiaspo is famous for his series of videos such as “Worst Games in the World”, where he explores obscure and poorly rated games in a comical and engaging way.

Nerd Thing

Leon Martins, from the Coisa de Nerd channel, brings an educational and entertaining approach to his videos. He covers a wide range of games and technology. Leon often makes collaborative videos with his wife, Nilce Moretto, from the Cadê a Chave channel.


Malena Nunes is one of Brazil’s most influential gaming YouTubers, known for her funny and engaging videos. She covers everything from horror games to popular titles like Minecraft and Fortnite. Fun fact: Malena has taken part in several advertising campaigns for major gaming brands.


Spok is a YouTuber specializing in Minecraft and Roblox. His videos are popular with younger audiences thanks to his lively and educational style. Fun fact: Spok often interacts with his followers, promoting collaborative game building. He can also be considered one of the best gaming YouTubers in Brazil.


Damian, from the Damianizando channel, offers a combination of gameplays and critical analysis. His content is known for being well edited and informative. Damian started his channel while still at university, combining studies with video production.

Gelli Clash

Gelli Clash is famous for his Clash Royale and Brawl Stars videos. He provides strategic tips and commented gameplays, attracting an audience looking to improve their gaming skills. Fun fact: Gelli Clash is often invited to e-sports events as a commentator.


Mikannn is a YouTuber who combines pop culture and gaming, bringing diverse and humorous content. She is known for her in-depth analysis and gameplays of RPGs and narrative games. Mikannn is also known for her reviews and analysis of series and films, but she could be one of the best gaming YouTubers in Brazil.

Boring Rat

Borrachudo Rat is one of the most eccentric YouTubers, with videos ranging from gameplays to trolling and challenges. His irreverent and comical style attracts a wide audience. Rato Borrachudo is easily recognizable by his rat mask, which he wears in all his videos.


Rascal, or Lucas Salles, is a YouTuber known for his gameplays of horror and survival games. His immersive narrative style makes his videos very captivating. He can’t be left off the list of the best gaming YouTubers in Brazil.

Young Nerd

The Jovem Nerd channel, created by Alexandre Ottoni and Deive Pazos, is humorous and informative, often combining in-depth knowledge with a characteristic touch of humor. The channel’s popularity is largely due to the chemistry between the presenters and the quality of the content offered, which attracts a wide audience. The channel is also responsible for the famous Nerdcast podcast, one of the most listened to in Brazil.


Pac and Mike, the creators of TazerCraft, are famous for their Minecraft series and epic in-game adventures. Their collaborative style and engaging stories have won them a huge fan base. One of the biggest Minecraft channels in Brazil.


Zangado is known for his detailed analysis and gameplays of new releases. He has a serious and critical style, and is a reference point for many gamers. Zangado always wears a mask in his videos, keeping his real identity anonymous.

Hey Nerd

The Ei Nerd channel, created by Peter Jordan, is one of the main geek culture and gaming channels in Brazil. Peter covers a variety of topics, including game reviews, trivia, news and theories about various fictional universes. Peter Jordan has collaborated with other great YouTubers and often promotes discussions about important releases and events in the world of games and pop culture.


Another on the list of the best gaming YouTubers in Brazil is Alan Ferreira, or Alanzoka, with videos of varied gameplays and a charismatic presence. He is best known for his live broadcasts on Twitch. Alanzoka is an avowed fan of the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series.


João Sampaio, known as LipãoGamer, is one of Brazil’s most popular YouTubers in the gaming universe, focusing on games such as GTA V, Fortnite and various simulators. His videos are known for their high energy and ability to entertain through challenges, gameplays and series. LipãoGamer has a strong connection with his audience, frequently interacting with fans and participating in live events.

Brazil’s youtuber gamers influence trends and foster a vibrant and passionate community. With diverse styles and approaches, these content creators manage to stand out and win over a loyal audience.

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