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Cartola FC is an exciting fantasy soccer game that allows Brazilian soccer fans to become virtual coaches, fielding their teams with real players from the Brazilian Serie A Championship. In this article, we’ve broken down all the Cartola rules so that you don’t have any more questions!

To guarantee a fair and competitive experience, Cartola FC establishes a set of clear rules that guide you from the creation of the team, including the choice of name, shield and uniform, to assembling the team with an initial budget of 100 Cartoletas.

The Cartola rules also cover detailed scoring criteria based on players’ actual performance, management of the transfer market, participation in various leagues, and ethical conduct.

Knowing and following these rules is essential to maximizing fun and competitiveness in the game, so you can stand out in your league and experience the thrill of soccer in a unique and interactive way.

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Cartola rules: team creation and customization

Among Cartola’s rules, we can highlight that each player must create a unique name for their team. Players can customize their team’s shield and uniform with different colors and designs. You need to have your team in every round to score points. We’ll talk about scores later.

Each player starts with 100 Cartoletas, the game’s virtual currency, to build their team.

seu melhor jogo

Players’ prices vary according to their actual performance and popularity. They can increase or decrease throughout the season.

Cartola rules: tactical scheme

A team consists of 11 starting players and 5 reserves, including a coach. The players can choose different tactical formations:

3-4-3: 3 defenders, 4 midfielders and 3 strikers. One of the most balanced schemes between attack and defense.

3-5-2: 3 defenders, 5 midfielders and 2 strikers. This formation depends more on the midfield.

4-3-3: the most famous formation. It’s a formation with a strong attack and defense, with fewer midfield players (2 wingers, 2 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers).

4-4-2: the game’s standard tactical formation, with just 2 strikers, 4 midfielders, 2 full-backs and 2 defenders.

4-5-1: this is a tactical formation based on defense. It has 2 full-backs, 2 defenders, 5 midfielders and only 1 striker.

5-3-2: tactical formation with the largest line of defense, with 2 full-backs and 3 defenders. It also has 3 midfielders and 2 strikers.

5-4-1: has the biggest line of defense, with 2 full-backs and 3 defenders. It has 4 midfielders and only 1 striker.

Between rounds, you can also make changes to the team (buy and sell players).

4. Scoring

Players’ scores are based on their actual performances in Campeonato Brasileiro matches.

  • Goals: +8 points for line players, +12 points for goalkeepers.
  • Assists: +5 points.
  • Tough Saves: +3 points for goalkeepers.
  • Steals: +1.5 points.
  • Fouls committed: -0.5 points.
  • Yellow cards: -2 points.
  • Red Cards: -5 points.
  • Goal Against: -6 points.
  • Updates: Scores are updated in real time during matches.

Cartola Rules: Leagues and Competition

  • Classic Leagues: Straight points competition throughout the season.
  • Knockout Leagues: Competition in knockout format.
  • Private Leagues: Players can create leagues to compete with friends.
  • Public Leagues: Players can join public leagues to compete with other players.

In the event of a score tie in a knockout league, tie-breaking criteria are applied, such as the number of goals scored by the team’s players.

Cartola rules: transfer market

The transfer market opens after the end of one round and closes before the start of the next. Players can be bought and sold between rounds to adjust the team. You can field a maximum of 5 players from the same club.

Cartola rules: player statuses

In Cartola FC, the player statuses are important indicators that help players make informed decisions about starting and transferring players.

These statuses reflect the availability and condition of players for upcoming matches.


The player has a high chance of playing in the next match. These players are safe choices to field, as there is a high probability that they will take the field.


The player is uncertain about his participation in the next match, whether for physical, tactical or administrative reasons. Starting these players is risky, as they may not play. It’s advisable to have alternatives on the bench.


The player is suspended, injured or otherwise unavailable and will not play in the next match. These players should be avoided or substituted, as they will not score in the round.


The player is injured and will not be able to take part in upcoming matches. These players need to be replaced immediately, as they will be out for an indefinite period.


The player is suspended for yellow cards, red cards or other penalties and will not be able to play in the next round. These players must not be called up for the next match.

These Cartola rules help to keep the game fair and competitive, providing a fun experience for all participants. Good luck and make the most of the game. And while you’re here, why not check out our other content? This way, you’ll be up to date with everything that’s happening in the world of sports:

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