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The Mr. Olympia Brasil is one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions in South America, offering a high-level platform for Brazilian and South American athletes to demonstrate their talent and dedication. Here, you can check out everything about Mr. Olympia Brasil and get all your questions answered!

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What is Mr. Olympia Brasil?

To begin our guide to Mr. Olympia Brazil, it’s worth explaining what it is: it’s a regional version of the prestigious bodybuilding contest Mr. Olympia, specifically aimed at Brazilian and South American bodybuilders.

The event includes several categories, both male and female, and follows similar judging standards to the original Mr. Olympia, evaluating criteria such as muscle mass, definition, symmetry, proportion and overall presentation.

All about Mr. Olympia Brazil: history

The history of Mr. Olympia Brasil begins in 2018, with the first edition presented by BTFF (Brasil Trading Fitness Fair), the largest fitness fair in the country

Mr. Olympia Brasil was launched to meet the growing demand and interest in bodybuilding in South America. The competition emerged as a way of integrating South American bodybuilders into the international bodybuilding circuit.

The competition gained support from supplement brands, gyms and sponsors in the fitness sector, which helped to increase its visibility and prestige.

seu melhor jogo

Mr. Olympia Brasil has played a crucial role in the growth of bodybuilding in Brazil and South America, inspiring new athletes to pursue careers in bodybuilding.

Over the years, Mr. Olympia Brasil has crowned several champions who have made a name for themselves on the international stage. These athletes have become icons and role models for the next generation of bodybuilders.

How Mr. Olympia Brasil works

Mr. Olympia Brasil follows a similar format to the global Mr. Olympia, but with a focus on Brazilian and South American bodybuilders. The event is designed to provide a high-level platform where athletes can compete and qualify for international events.


Athletes must compete in regional and national qualifying events throughout the year to earn points or qualify directly for Mr. Olympia Brazil.

In some cases, outstanding athletes may receive special invitations based on their performances in previous competitions or their recognition in the sport.

Mr. Olympia Brazil rules

The judging criteria involve assessing the size and volume of the muscles in relation to the competitor’s frame, muscle clarity and separation, with little body fat and no water retention, and the balance between different muscle groups and overall body symmetry.

The jury also evaluates the ability to pose and highlight muscles effectively, confidence and stage presence and overall appearance, including skin condition and absence of deformities.

The use of banned substances is strictly regulated, with anti-doping tests carried out to ensure a fair competition. Competitors must follow the dress code specified for each category, and presentations must be respectful and professional.

All about Mr. Olympia Brasil: scoring

Each judge gives the contestants a score for each of the criteria. The scores are added together to determine each competitor’s total score. In many competitions, the scoring system is reversed, where the lowest total score indicates the best placing.

Sometimes the highest and lowest scores for each competitor are discarded before calculating the final score. Serious violations of the rules, such as the use of banned substances or unsportsmanlike behavior, can result in immediate disqualification.

Inappropriate behavior or violation of minor rules may result in official warnings or fines.

All about Mr. Olympia Brazil: awards

Winners in each category receive cash prizes, as well as trophies and recognition on the bodybuilding scene. Mr. Olympia Brasil champions can also qualify for the global Mr. Olympia, gaining visibility and international opportunities.

Mr. Olympia Brasil categories

Mr. Olympia Brasil has several categories to cover different styles and types of physique in bodybuilding.


  1. Bodybuilding (Classic Bodybuilding): competitors are divided by body weight, with categories ranging from light to heavy.
  2. Classic Physique: focus on symmetry, classic proportions and overall aesthetics, reminiscent of the “golden age” of bodybuilding.
  3. Men’s Physique: focus on the upper body, especially the chest, shoulders and abdomen, with an athletic and aesthetic physique.
  4. Men’s 212: bodybuilding for athletes weighing up to 96 kg (212 pounds, hence the name of the category).


  1. Women’s Physique: focus on female musculature and definition, with an athletic appearance.
  2. Figure: evaluation of female symmetry, proportion and definition, with less emphasis on muscle mass compared to Women’s Physique.
  3. Bikini: focus on aesthetics and overall presentation, with a feminine and toned appearance.
  4. Wellness: evaluation of the balance between musculature and femininity, with a focus on the legs and glutes.

All about Mr. Olympia Brasil: rankings

Qualifying for Mr. Olympia Brazil is a rigorous process that involves several stages and evaluation criteria.

Qualifying Competitions

  • Regional: Athletes compete in regional events throughout the year to earn points and qualify for national competitions.
  • Nationals: The winners of the regional competitions qualify for Mr. Olympia Brazil. These events serve as the final qualifying stage.

Where and when will Mr. Olympia Brazil 2024 take place?

Mr. Olympia Brasil 2024 will take place from October 18 to 20 in São Paulo – more precisely, in the Anhembi District. The event brings together sports activities, promises to bring the biggest fitness influencers, as well as hundreds of professional and amateur athletes.

Mr. Olympia Brasil’s biggest winners

Among the biggest winners of Mr. Olympia Brasil, we can highlight Eduardo Corrêa, Felipe Franco, Angela Borges (who helped popularize the Wellness category) and Vitor Capital. Physical educator Everson Costta won the Mr. Olympia Brasil title in the Classic Physique Pro category last year.

Now that you know everything about Mr. Olympia Brasil, don’t miss the event: you can buy your ticket on the official website. And if you’re really into bodybuilding, keep up with our content to stay on top of this universe:

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