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Swimming requires discipline, dedication and a strong mentality to achieve success. Elite swimmers around the world not only overcome physical challenges, but also cultivate extraordinary mental resilience. Check out what they have to say! We’ve selected the best swimming quotes.

These athletes’ words of wisdom and motivation reflect the lessons they learned in the water, inspiring and motivating both other swimmers and individuals from all walks of life.

Our list of swimming quotes are written by swimmers and swimming coaches, highlighting the essence of what it means to be a champion in and out of the pool.

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List: the 50 best swimming phrases

  1. “Water is my heaven, my home, my refuge.” – Michael Phelps
  2. “Champions are made when no one is looking.” – Katie Ledecky
  3. “It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” – Ian Thorpe
  4. “Swimming is a metaphor for life. Each stroke takes us closer to the goal.” – Natalie Coughlin
  5. “The mind is the only limit.” – Sarah Sjöström
  6. “The only way to overcome limits is to push them.” – Mark Spitz
  7. “Every stroke is an opportunity to be better.” – Katie Ledecky
  8. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice.” – Janet Evans
  9. “The hard days are what define the champions.” – Michael Phelps
  10. “Water is not my enemy, it is my ally.” – Ian Thorpe
  11. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements.” – Ryan Lochte
  12. “Swimming is the art of controlling the water and the mind.” – Dara Torres
  13. “Every workout is a chance to be better than yesterday.” – Missy Franklin
  14. “True success comes from dedication and hard work.” – Sun Yang
  15. “Never underestimate the importance of details.” – Michael Phelps
  16. “Swimming is not about being the best, it’s about being better than yesterday.” – Katinka Hosszú
  17. “Persistence is the key to excellence.” – Grant Hackett
  18. “The real competition is against yourself.” – Michael Phelps
  19. “Train your body and your mind, both are equally important.” – Katie Ledecky
  20. “Victory is won on the days you don’t want to train.” – Ryan Lochte
  21. “Success in swimming is determined by dedication and passion.” – Mark Spitz
  22. “Mental strength is as important as physical strength.” – Janet Evans
  23. “The water is my battlefield and I fight every day to be better.” – Michael Phelps
  24. “Swimming is a sport of patience and persistence.” – Ian Thorpe
  25. “You must be willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals.” – Katie Ledecky
  26. “True glory lies not in never failing, but in getting up every time we fall.” – Natalie Coughlin
  27. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day.” – Michael Phelps
  28. “Every stroke brings me closer to my dreams.” – Missy Franklin
  29. “Swimming taught me that the only impossible thing is the thing we don’t try.” – Sarah Sjöström
  30. “What we do in the water reflects who we are in life.” – Ryan Lochte
  31. “Water is where I find my peace and my strength.” – Janet Evans
  32. “Constant training and determination are the keys to success.” – Sun Yang
  33. “Swimming requires more than physical skills, it requires courage and persistence.” – Dara Torres
  34. “Every training session is an opportunity to improve.” – Michael Phelps
  35. “The true champion is the one who, even in adversity, keeps swimming.” – Katie Ledecky
  36. “My passion for swimming is what drives me every day.” – Ian Thorpe
  37. “Obstacles are opportunities in disguise.” – Mark Spitz
  38. “The water is where I find myself and my limits.” – Michael Phelps
  39. “Dedication and passion are what make us champions.” – Natalie Coughlin
  40. “Persistence trumps talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Ryan Lochte
  41. “Every stroke brings me closer to my dreams.” – Missy Franklin
  42. “Swimming is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle.” – Sarah Sjöström
  43. “Determination is what separates the champions from the contenders.” – Michael Phelps
  44. “Water is my sanctuary and my inspiration.” – Katie Ledecky
  45. “Success is earned on the hard days.” – Janet Evans
  46. “Swimming is a journey of self-discovery and overcoming.” – Ian Thorpe
  47. “Discipline and persistence are the keys to excellence.” – Dara Torres
  48. “Continuous effort is what leads to success.” – Sun Yang
  49. “The real competition is against ourselves.” – Michael Phelps
  50. “Every practice is a chance to be better than yesterday.” – Missy Franklin
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We hope that the swimming quotes have inspired valuable lessons that go beyond the pools. Swimming teaches that with determination, hard work and a positive attitude, any challenge can be overcome. And speaking of this much-loved sport, check out our content on:

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