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The ATP Finals is the closing tournament of the men’s tennis season, bringing together the best players in the world. So that you can improve your cheering and enjoy the matches, here we’ve put together a complete guide to all about the ATP Finals, including: a bit of its history, rules, greatest champions and curiosities. Plus, let’s see when the ATP Finals will be held in 2024. Do you like it? Then read on!

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What is the ATP Finals?

The ATP Finals is the annual season-ending tournament on the men’s tennis circuit, organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). The eight best singles players and the eight best doubles players of the year take part, based on the ranking of points accumulated throughout the season.

This event is often referred to as the “fifth Grand Slam” because of its prestige and the high level of competition.

Why “fifth”? Because the four official Grand Slam of tennis are: 

  • Australian Open (Janeiro) – Piso rápido
  • Roland-Garros (Maio/Junho) – Saibro
  • Wimbledon (Junho/Julho) – Grama
  • US Open (Agosto/Setembro) – Piso rápido

By bringing together the eight best-placed players in its rankings, the ATP Finals is sure to be a thrilling contest, bringing together the best tennis players in the world today;

What is the history of the ATP Finals?

The ATP Finals was inaugurated in 1970 under the name “Masters Grand Prix” and has since undergone several name and format changes. Originally, the tournament was held in different locations each year. However, in 2000 it was renamed the Tennis Masters Cup and in 2009 it took on the current name of the ATP Finals.

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Over the years, the tournament has been hosted in cities such as Tokyo, New York, Frankfurt and Shanghai. Since 2009, it has been based at the O2 Arena in London for years, but from 2021, Turin, Italy, has become the new venue for the event.

How does the ATP Finals work?

The tournament, which has already been played on different surfaces, including carpet and grass, is currently being held on indoor hard courts.

The way it works is quite simple: the points accumulated throughout the year at the ATP tournaments, which include the four Grand Slam tournaments, determine the players’ ranking for the ATP Finals.

There are eight players, selected on the basis of their position in the ATP rankings, i.e. the eight best players in the world. If the championship were to take place today, the listed by the ATP website would be:

  1. Jannik Sinner
  2. Carlos Alcaraz
  3. Novak Djokovic
  4. Alexander Zverev
  5. Daniil Medvedev
  6. Andrey Rublev
  7. Alex de Minaur
  8. Casper Ruud

Throughout the tournament, other points are distributed according to each player’s performance:

  • Fase de Grupos: Cada vitória vale 200 pontos.
  • Semifinal: A vitória vale 400 pontos.
  • Final: A vitória na final vale 500 pontos.

Therefore, a player can earn up to 1500 points if he wins all his matches at the ATP Finals, taking his position in the world rankings.

All about the ATP Finals: how do the matches take place?

The eight tennis players selected for the competition are drawn into two groups. The tennis players ranked first and second are the seeded players in each group. In other words, they cannot be in the same group.

After the draw, the group stage begins, which is not a knockout stage, but only a qualifying stage;

This is a marked difference from the other Grand Slams, which are knockout matches from the very first round. So this is a fundamental feature for you to understand all about the ATP Finals.

All the tennis players play against the other three rivals in their group. The top two in each group advance to the semi-finals and then the final.

ATP Finals rules

The ATP Finals has a unique format, different from traditional direct elimination tournaments:

  1. Fase de Grupos: Os oito jogadores são divididos em dois grupos de quatro. Cada jogador disputa três partidas contra os outros membros do grupo.
  2. Semifinais: Os dois melhores de cada grupo avançam para as semifinais.
  3. Final: Os vencedores das semifinais se enfrentam na final.

To progress to the semi-finals, in the event of a draw in terms of wins and losses, other criteria are used to break the tie and decide who progresses:

  • confronto direto
  • melhor porcentagem de sets vencidos
  • melhor porcentagem de games vencidos
  • melhor ranking ao começo do torneio

As we said above, to understand all about the ATP Finals it is essential to understand this format which guarantees that each participant plays a minimum of three matches. This

increases the chances of high-quality matches and provides more opportunities for fans to watch their favorite players.

In addition, during matches, the rules relating to sets, games and faults are the same as for other competitions. Tennis rules: scoring, tie-breaks, challenges and more”.

What is the prize money for the ATP Finals?

The ATP Finals prize pool is one of the highest on the circuit. In 2023, the tournament offered a total of US$14.75 million in prize money. The prize money is distributed according to the performance of the players in each match, with bonuses for each victory in the group stage, semi-final and final. 

The undefeated champion could win up to US$2.71 million, and the 2024 allowance is expected to be even higher, making the championship even more competitive and exciting.

When will the ATP Finals be in 2024?

The 2024 ATP Finals will be held from November 10 to 17, once again in Turin, Italy. The Italian city is preparing to welcome the best players in the world for a week of intense competition, where the season’s champion will be crowned.

The 2024 edition once again promises to deliver an unforgettable spectacle for sports fans;

Now that you know all about the ATP Finals, you’ll undoubtedly have a tournament to cheer on and enjoy!

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