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Volleyball is one of the most loved and practiced sports in Brazil, and the country has a rich history of success in both national and international competitions. But do you know which are the best volleyball teams in Brazil? Find out with our complete guide.

Here you’ll find the stories and the main curiosities and achievements of the best volleyball teams in Brazil. See what makes these teams stand out on the Brazilian volleyball scene and learn a little more about their careers.

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The main volleyball teams in Brazil

1. Sada Cruzeiro

Founded in 2006, Sada Cruzeiro quickly became one of the most dominant teams in Brazilian volleyball, known for its professional management and excellent facilities.

The team is known for its large fan base and high investment in training infrastructure and technology, and boasts multiple Superliga titles, the South American Club Championship and the World Club Championship

The combination of efficient management, continuous investment and a strong fan base contributes to the success of this team, which is one of the best volleyball teams in Brazil.


One of the best volleyball teams in Brazil is SESI-SP, founded in 2009. It’s a project of the Social Service of Industry with a focus on sport as a tool for education and social inclusion.

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SESI-SP invests heavily in grassroots categories and has one of the best infrastructures in the country.

The Superliga, Campeonato Paulista and Copa Brasil are among some of its titles, but the team stands out above all for its strong investment in infrastructure and grassroots categories, as this guarantees a constant flow of talent.

3. Funvic Taubaté

Founded in 2010, Funvic Taubaté quickly made a name for itself on the national scene, making it one of the top volleyball teams in Brazil. It is known for signing internationally renowned players, and it is precisely the policy of bold signings and a focus on athletic excellence that make Taubaté one of the strongest teams in the country.

4. Minas Tênis Clube

Minas Tênis Clube, founded in 1935, is one of the most traditional and respected clubs in the country. It has a strong tradition in various sports, not just volleyball. But in this sport, the team has a lot going for it! Tradition and excellence in sports management keep Minas Tênis Clube among the best volleyball teams in Brazil.

5. Renata Volleyball

Formerly known as Campinas Vôlei Clube, the team was founded in 2010. It has a strong presence in the Superliga, despite being a relatively new team, and has already won titles in the Paulista Championship and the Copa Brasil.

Vôlei Renata’s commitment to the development of sport and the training of athletes are its hallmarks.

6. Vôlei Um Itapetininga

Founded in 2017, they quickly rose to prominence in the Superliga. Vôlei Um Itapetininga are known for their strong support from the local community and are considered by many to be formidable opponents.

7. Brasil Kirin

Formerly known as Vôlei Futuro, founded in 2010. It is known for its strong sponsorship and high-level structure. It has titles in the Superliga and Copa Brasil and makes our list of the best Brazilian volleyball teams for its combination of high-level structure and investment.

8. Esporte Clube Pinheiros

Esporte Clube Pinheiros, founded in 1899, is one of Brazil’s most traditional and historic clubs, with a long tradition in various sports, including volleyball. Pinheiros is known for its excellent infrastructure and athlete training programs, having revealed many talents for Brazilian volleyball.

9. São José Volleyball

Founded in 2000 with a focus on regional development, São José Volleyball is a highlight of the Paulista Championship. The continuous development of regional talent strengthens the team’s base.

10. Vôlei Ribeirão

The list also includes Vôlei Ribeirão, founded in 2017. The team has grown rapidly and gained notoriety for promoting the sport in the region. Its rapid rise and the promotion of the sport regionally make it stand out as one of Brazil’s volleyball teams with a promising future.

11. Montes Claros Volleyball

Founded in 2009, Montes Claros Volleyball represents the north of Minas Gerais. It has won the Superliga B title and has shown prominence and a promising future throughout its career.

12. Pacaembu Ribeirão Preto

Although it was founded recently, the Pacaembu Ribeirão Preto team has a strong local investment and is already growing rapidly and has a presence in the Superliga, with the right to win the Superliga B title.

13. APAN/Blumenau

Founded in 1999, it is one of the oldest active teams. It has a strong presence in Superliga B and regional competitions. Its tradition and dedication to the development of sport in Santa Catarina make it stand out.

14. América Vôlei

América Vôlei, founded in 2016, represents the city of Montes Claros and replaced Montes Claros Vôlei in the Superliga. The continuity of Montes Claros’ sporting legacy strengthens América Vôlei.

15. Uberlândia Volleyball

Representing the city of Uberlândia, the team has a strong sporting tradition. We can see a growing participation in the Superliga and we can see a promising team.

16. São Judas Volleyball

São Judas Volleyball, founded in 2018, is a team linked to São Judas Tadeu University and has made a name for itself in São Paulo and national volleyball. As well as competing at a high level, the team invests in athlete training and sports development programs at the university.

17. Guarulhos Volleyball

Founded recently, it represents the city of Guarulhos. It has quickly risen to the top divisions of Brazilian volleyball. The team’s rapid rise and potential for growth stand out.

18. Maringá Vôlei

The list of the best volleyball teams in Brazil continues with Maringá Vôlei, founded in 2013. Here we see a strong performance in the Super League and regional development.

19. Taquarituba Volleyball

This traditional team from the interior of São Paulo plays an active role in regional competitions and helps develop local talent.

20. Brasília Volleyball

Founded in 2013, it represents the capital of Brazil. It has a strong presence in the Superliga and is proving to be a promising team.

Volleyball in Brazil continues to grow and evolve, thanks to the dedication and passion of teams like these.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about the main volleyball teams in Brazil. Keep following our website to stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the world of volleyball, and to support these teams that keep the sport vibrant and exciting.

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