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The love of soccer is in the blood of Brazilians, and many online betting platforms have a special interest in this sport. Galera Bet exemplifies this affinity, being one of the official supporters of the Brasileirão. Read all about Galera Bet now to learn how to bet, as well as understanding the platform in full.

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All about Galera Bet: how to use the site

Before you can even think about betting, you’ll need to register.

Although Galera Bet is part of a global company, it focuses mainly on the Brazilian market. So much so that the company is currently one of the official partners of the Campeonato Brasileiro and a sponsor of Corinthians.

In this text where we talk all about Galera Bet, we’re going to analyze all the elements you should consider to determine whether Galera Bet is the best bookmaker option for you.

Creating your Galera Bet account

You can explore the site before creating a Galera Bet account, but to start betting with real money, you need to register;

Keep reading to find out all about Galera Bet!

Here’s how to register with Galera Bet Brasil:

  1. Access the Galera Bet Brasil platform via your browser, both on mobile devices and computers;
  1. On the operator’s homepage, find and click on the “create account” option;
  1. Enter your CPF number, telephone number and any other information requested;
  1. Then provide an e-mail address, create a secure password and complete the process by clicking on “Create account”.
  1. After completing these steps, you will be able to make deposits, use Galera Bet’s Cash out feature and place bets available in the catalog. As mentioned above, the operator offers a promotional code that can be used during registration.

All about Galera Bet: how to bet?

The minimum requirements for betting at Galera Bet follow similar standards to the main bookmakers. Any Brazilian citizen over the age of 18 can bet with the operator, as long as they comply with the identity verification procedures, which include sending in documentation.

Once you’ve completed this step, all you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Use your browser to access the Galera Bet website, which serves as the main operating platform for the house.

After logging into your account, you will have access to all the sports and markets available in the catalog, both for live events and pre-match, as in the case of soccer, for example. Browsing the markets, you can place single or combination bets.

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If you want to bet quickly and directly, without going through complex procedures, the most convenient option is the simple bet. Whether on sporting events or in the casino, carefully analyze the odds, choose your guess, indicate the bet amount on the slip and confirm the transaction.

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Continue reading to find out all about Galera Bet!

In addition, you can combine several single bets into a single guess by selecting several options on the same event. For example, in a basketball match, you can bet on the final score of the game or the total points in a given period.

All about Galera Bet: types of bets

At Galera Bet online, you’ll find a variety of sports betting methods, all of them full of market options for your predictions.

In the following sections, we will explore the most renowned and also present an alternative for those who wish to escape the ordinary with special bets. Check them out!


Galera Bet is recognized as the premier destination for soccer enthusiasts, having arrived in Brazil with a strong investment in the sport.

So you can be sure that you’ll find the best in national and international leagues for your soccer predictions.


Galera Bet also offers exceptional coverage of the main tournaments in the competitive gaming scene, such as League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Valorant, CS:GO and much more!

E-Sports betting is on the rise in Brazil and, just like Rivalry Apostas, Galera Bet offers predictions on championships such as the ESL Challenger, Dota Pro Circuit, Global Starcraft 2 League and the Valorant Champions Tour, including Brazilian teams.

Special bets

Want to take a break from conventional sports betting? Galera Bet offers an exclusive section dedicated to special bets.

At the moment, for example, you can try to predict which company will be the first to send a man to Mars.

In the running are SpaceX, Boeing, Blue Origin and the U.S. Space Force.

Read on to find out all about Galera Bet!

All about Galera Bet: betting market

The betting markets represent the various sports on which you can make your predictions. As with other renowned bookmakers, Galera Bet offers markets available 24 hours a day on various sports.

We’ve highlighted a few markets that might interest you.

Total Points – Basketball

While soccer remains the most popular sport among bettors, basketball also attracts considerable attention, with a particularly lucrative market being the total points of the match.

At Galera Bet, this market operates with the “Over/Under” options, offering several possibilities for you to choose whether the final score will be above or below a certain value.

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Draw Loses the Bet – Football

Punters are constantly on the lookout for soccer matches that promise an exciting contest. However, the results don’t always live up to expectations, resulting in draws. In this market, when the game ends in a draw, the stake is refunded to your account.

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Total Maps – e-Sports

In the competitive arena of electronic games, many titles are decided through map battles, with the betting focused on which team will emerge victorious in more of them.

This market is available in games such as CS:GO, Valorant and Dota 2, among others. At Galera Bet, the map total is presented in handicap format, with the house setting a number considered plausible for the match.

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It’s easier to bet online now that you know EVERYTHING about Galera Bet! Stay tuned for other articles on the same subject here on the site:

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