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Boxing is like a dance of precise movements, refined strategy and brute force. From the early days of the ring to modern arenas, boxing captivates spectators and practitioners with its unique blend of technique and controlled aggression. In this article you’ll learn all the boxing moves!

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History of boxing

The roots of boxing go back to ancient times, where unarmed fighting competitions were common in various cultures. Civilizations such as the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks practiced primitive forms of hand-to-hand combat. The Greeks, in particular, developed “pugilato” as a competitive art, introducing rules and techniques that influenced modern boxing.

boxing moves

Modern boxing began to take shape in 18th century England, where fights were held in improvised and often brutal spaces. Over time, rules and regulations were introduced to make the sport safer and more organized. The Marquis of Queensberry, in the mid-19th century, established the fundamental rules that still govern professional boxing today.

boxing moves

Over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, boxing became a world-renowned sport, with legends emerging in every corner of the globe. From Jack Johnson to Muhammad Ali, from Joe Louis to Mike Tyson, each era produced its own icons, whose battles inside and outside the ring captivated audiences and inspired generations.

All the boxing moves

Boxing punches are the essence of the sport, the tools by which boxers express their skill and strategy. In this article, we’ll explore the main punches in boxing and how each one plays a crucial role in the ring.

Boxing moves: Jab

The jab is the most basic and versatile blow in boxing. It is thrown with the front hand and is used to measure distance, distract the opponent and create openings for more powerful blows.

Boxing moves: Straight

The direct is a direct and powerful blow, thrown with the backhand. It is usually the strongest blow and is executed with the rotation of the body, aimed at the opponent’s chin or body.

Boxing moves: Cross

The cruzado is an angled blow, thrown with the back hand and aimed at the opposite side of the body. It is effective for hitting the opponent’s chin or opening up space for other attacks.

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Boxing moves: Hook

The hook is a circular blow, thrown with the hand at a sideways angle. It can be thrown with either the front or back hand and is effective at hitting the side of the opponent’s face or body.

Boxing moves: Uppercut

The uppercut is an upward blow, thrown from below towards the opponent’s chin. It is most effective in hand-to-hand combat and can surprise a less experienced opponent.

Boxing moves: Pile driver

O bate-estaca é um golpe poderoso, desferido com a mão de trás e visando o corpo do oponente. Ele é executado com força total e pode causar danos significativos se conectado corretamente.

Boxing moves: Body blow

The body blow is aimed at the opponent’s body region, usually the abdomen or ribs. It can weaken the opponent over time and create opportunities for heavier blows.

Boxing moves: Dodge (defense)

The dodge is more of a defensive technique than an offensive blow. It involves dodging your opponent’s attacks, moving quickly out of their reach and preparing to counterattack.

Boxing blows: the athletes with the best techniques

  • Muhammad Ali – Known as “The Greatest”, Ali transcended sport with his athletic ability, charisma and commitment to social justice.
  • Joe Louis – “The Brown Bomber” dominated the boxing scene during the World War II era, defending his heavyweight title for almost 12 years.
  • Sugar Ray Robinson – Considered by many to be the best boxer of all time, Robinson was a master technician known for his speed and precision.
  • Rocky Marciano – The only undefeated champion in the history of heavyweight boxing, Marciano was known for his determination and knockout power.
  • Mike Tyson – “Iron Mike” was a force of nature at the height of his career, with an aggressive style and devastating knockout power.

If you want to delve deeper into the world of boxing, start by mastering these fundamental blows and explore the nuances of each one!

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