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In this special article, you’ll learn all about cycling, a physical activity that has become a popular sport all over the world. Athletes use bicycles for a wide variety of purposes, whether for leisure, transportation, competition or as a physical exercise.

It all started in the 19th century, when the first bicycles began to be made. Over the years, they were given various adaptations, different pedals, wheels and were made safer. And it wasn’t long before the first competitions began to appear, turning cycling into a global sport.

So are we going to know everything about cycling?

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All about cycling: a brief history

tudo sobre ciclismo
All about cycling: learn about the sport and its disciplines

The first bicycle was invented by Karl Drais in 1817. The man was a German baron and his creation was a bicycle without pedals, propelled only by his feet pushing against the ground.

In the 18th century, then, the bicycle began to receive major improvements, mainly with the inclusion of pedals and chains, which serve to propel the rear wheel and make the bicycle move.

In the 1870s, these bicycles began to have high wheels, with the front wheel being much larger than the rear, so that they would be faster. However, with these characteristics, they were more dangerous and complicated to handle.

About 10 years later, the bicycle received yet another adaptation, this time making it safer and more like the bicycle we know today.

But cycling competitions only began in the 1980s, mainly in Europe. Cycling was practiced in speed and endurance races, and it wasn’t long before it became a competitive sport practiced by many people.

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Now that you know a short history of cycling, it’s time to find out which are the main disciplines competed in the sport.

All about cycling: disciplines

  • Road cycling;
  • Track cycling;
  • Mountain Bike;
  • BMX;
  • Touring cycling.

Road cycling

In road cycling, the athlete will cover long distances on paved roads. Basically, they will compete on very well-paved roads, without too many difficulties caused by possible obstacles.

Track cycling

In track cycling, races take place on oval and closed tracks, and athletes use bikes that don’t have brakes. This discipline can be practiced in speed, racing, team and pursuit events.

Mountain bike

In mountain biking, the races take place on more natural and unmodified trails, such as terrain, forests, mountains and others. This discipline requires a lot of strength and skill, as the route is not so simple.


In BMX, races take place on short tracks full of obstacles, and the bikes are much smaller than traditional ones. This makes them lighter, more agile and easier for riders to pull off the most impressive maneuvers possible.

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In touring cycling, cyclists travel long distances and athletes do not need to be experienced, but can be amateurs or just enthusiasts of the sport.

All about cycling: get to know bikes

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Tudo sobre ciclismo: BMX

There are different types of bicycles used for cycling. These include road bikes, triathlon bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes, among others. Shall we get to know the main ones?

  • Road bike;
  • Mountain bike;
  • Hybrid bike;
  • Triathlon bike;
  • BMX bike.

Road bike

This bike was made for road racing, and its characteristics are: lightness, agility and efficiency over long distances. They have thin tires, handlebars that curve forward and more dynamic anatomy.

Mountain bike

These bikes were built to be used between trails and terrain, and because they don’t take place on smooth, straight paths, they have adaptations to absorb impacts. This can be seen in their wide tires and modified suspension.

Hybrid bike

Hybrid bikes are basically a mix of road bikes and mountain bikes, so they can be used on different types of terrain.

Triathlon bike

These bikes are modified for triathlon competitions, with more dynamic shapes. They thus offer greater efficiency in this sport that demands so much effort.

BMX bike

BMX bikes are much smaller than ordinary bikes, usually with wheels measuring 20 inches. Because they are small, they are easier to manipulate when it comes to pulling off the best tricks in competitions.

The tires on these bikes are wider, stronger and lighter, which also benefits the stunts that will be performed. BMX brakes are front and rear, but they can also be rear only, depending on each rider’s preference.

The pedals are also more resistant and have more grip, thus withstanding the impacts made during maneuvers. The handlebars of these bikes are narrower and taller, and the saddle is light and small, reducing the overall weight of the bike.

All about cycling: Olympics

As we’ve already mentioned, cycling is also an Olympic sport and is practiced in different disciplines. At the Paris Olympics, which will take place in July 2024, you’ll see competitions in:

  • Road cycling;
  • Track cycling;
  • Mountain bike;
  • BMX Racing;
  • BMX Max Freestyle.

All about cycling: benefits

More than being a competitive sport and part of the Olympics, cycling is also very beneficial for health. The act of pedaling a bicycle helps with cardiovascular activities, improving the resistance of the heart and health as a whole.

In addition, the sport is very sustainable, as bicycles can be used as means of transportation, reducing pollution. Cycling also provides for the well-being of its adepts, since cyclists practice the sport more because they enjoy it than for anything else.

Cycling is a great form of entertainment, so it’s quite common to see people cycling for leisure, whether on the streets or in parks.

Finally, cycling is a sport practiced all over the world, with millions of fans and countless benefits for health and well-being.

Did you like knowing all about cycling? Then stick around to find out more about different sports, especially the Olympic ones. Also leave your comment and tell us which sports you’d most like to see here!

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