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Cycling is not just a form of leisure, but a sport practiced by many people around the world. More than just a lifestyle, it’s also a competitive sport. So it’s time to find out what the rules of cycling are!

The sport has different disciplines, with races being held on roads or tracks and using different bikes, such as mountain bikes, BMX bikes and others.

As it is a sport, cycling has its rules and they exist on different grounds for each discipline. But there are also general rules, which is where we’ll start.

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Cycling rules: general rules

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Learn the rules of cycling!

The rules of cycling basically consist of the integrity of the athletes and also of the bikes, such as the frequency of maintenance, respect for traffic codes and much more.

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  • Security;
  • Physical condition of the athlete and the bike;
  • Responsibility.


In order to compete in cycling or to ride recreationally, cyclists need to make sure they have the right safety equipment and that it is in perfect working order.

Among these items are the helmet, gloves and goggles. It is also essential that athletes follow traffic rules correctly, respecting traffic lights and priority rules. You always have to be aware of everything that’s going on around you!

Physical condition of the athlete and the bike

For a cycling competition to be safe, an athlete needs to be in optimum physical condition. This enables them to face all the challenges of their chosen discipline.

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Cycling requires a lot of effort, so you need to be well trained and in good health. But the bike must also be in perfect condition for best performance.

It is therefore necessary for athletes to have their bikes serviced frequently. This will ensure that the brakes and other mechanical components are properly adjusted and working perfectly.

As a result, accidents that could be serious not only for you, but also for other competitors, are avoided.


When practicing cycling, whether competing or as a form of leisure, the athlete must be aware when it comes to respecting the environment. So, it’s crucial to avoid damaging nature, and this can be done simply by respecting the site’s conservation rules.

It is also essential that each athlete is aware of the need to preserve the physical integrity of their fellow competitors. So it’s not all about winning!

It is essential that the cyclist is able to respect all the rules of cycling in a healthy way, ensuring that the competition is enjoyable.

Cycling rules: what are the disciplines?

Cycling can be practiced in different ways, check them out!

  • Road cycling;
  • Track cycling;
  • Mountain bike;
  • BMX.

Road cycling

In road cycling, one of the main rules is that cyclists stay in the lane on the cycle path designated for them, obeying local traffic regulations.

Athletes should also not touch motor vehicles or other cyclists, thus gaining an advantage in races. When overtaking, it is essential to do so safely so as not to harm other competitors.

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The rules of cycling require the use of protective equipment

Track cycling

In this sport, the first rule is that riders stay on the track during races, without trying to leave it to gain an advantage. In addition, they are not allowed to cross the starting line without receiving the signal.

When changing lanes, the athlete must be careful to do so as safely as possible and, whenever possible, use the correct signs.

Mountain biking

In mountain bike races, cyclists also have to follow the indicated route, always staying on the previously marked trail.

When overtaking, they must also ensure that it is done safely, without harming other athletes and preserving their physical integrity.

When the race involves descents, the one who arrives first wins, taking into account the natural and artificial obstacles along the way. These cyclists also need to obey the rules of each competition, avoiding penalties for infractions.


In BMX competitions, athletes must also follow the route that has been designated in advance, and may not cross the start line before receiving the signal.

When overtaking, physical contact with other athletes is forbidden, which can be very dangerous for everyone involved. Protective equipment is essential in all disciplines, especially BMX.

The sport involves different types of maneuvers, so cyclists must wear helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.

Cycling rules: how scoring is done

In each cycling discipline, points are awarded differently. Let’s see how it happens!

  • Road cycling;
  • Track cycling;
  • Mountain biking;
  • BMX.

Road cycling

In road cycling, scoring is done at each sprint, so athletes accumulate points by ranking in the individual stages, and then in the general classification. The winner is the one who accumulates the most points in all the stages.

It’s worth pointing out that the sprints mean the moments when the athlete dedicates their efforts to the maximum, especially when they’re at the end of a stage or race. Basically, they are bursts of speed.

Track cycling

In this sport, specifically in the speed races, cyclists compete in elimination heats, earning points with each victory. In the end, the rider with the best performance in these different elimination phases wins.

In points races, athletes score points for each sprint, which takes place at different intervals during the race. The one who accumulates the best score at the end will win.

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Cycling rules: the athlete must also respect the environment

Mountain bike

In mountain biking, better known as cross-country cycling or mountain biking, the score is based on the rider’s final classification after completing the circuit. It’s as simple as that!


In the BMX races, riders will compete in different heats, also elimination heats, earning points each time they pass a stage during the competition.

In the end, the rider with the best performance in all the heats will win. In the BMX freestyle, judges will evaluate each rider’s performance based on the execution, difficulty, originality and style of the maneuvers.

In the end, the winner will be the one who achieves the highest score by adding up each score chosen by the judges.

As we’ve already mentioned in other articles about cycling, the sport is also practiced at the Olympics. The disciplines are:

  • Road cycling;
  • Track cycling;
  • Mountain biking;
  • BMX racing;
  • BMX freestyle.

It’s worth remembering, then, that each sport has its own rules, and at the Olympics everything is even more stringent. Therefore, watching all these competitions, whether in person or on television, will always bring great surprises.

What did you think of the rules of cycling? Be sure to keep browsing the site to find out much more about this and other sports. Your comments will also be very welcome!

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