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Handball is a dynamic and exciting sport that combines strength, agility and strategy. Within the four lines, each position has its importance and contributes to the team’s performance. Among them, the position of right back stands out for being responsible for coordinating offensive plays. That’s why it’s worth paying tribute: take a look at the best right wingers in the history of Handball.

The right wingers make quick and precise decisions. Throughout the history of handball, many of them have left their mark on the sport, becoming legends thanks to their skill, leadership and achievements.

Each of these players stood out not only for their individual skills, but also for their ability to raise the level of their teams and inspire future generations of athletes. From national titles to international achievements, these right-backs have amassed an impressive legacy.

As well as their achievements on the court, we’ll learn a little more about their life stories, curiosities and the teams they’ve played for. Let’s dive into the trajectory of these handball icons and understand why they are considered the best in their position.

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Best right back in handball history

Talant Dujshebaev

To start the list of the best right wingers in the history of handball, there’s no one better than Talant Dujshebaev. Born in Kyrgyzstan, he represented the Soviet Union, Russia and Spain throughout his career. Known for his vision and ability to score goals at decisive moments, Dujshebaev won several titles, including the World Championship and the EHF Champions League. Interestingly, after his retirement, he became a successful coach, leading teams such as Poland’s Kielce.

Jackson Richardson

Jackson Richardson is a French handball legend, known for his creativity and ability to break down opposing defenses. He has played in several European leagues, including the German Bundesliga and the Spanish Liga ASOBAL. Richardson was twice voted the best player in the world by the IHF and won titles such as the World Championship and the European Championship. Interestingly, he began his career in soccer before turning to handball.

seu melhor jogo

Ivano Balić

Ivano Balić, from Croatia, is often cited as one of the most talented players of all time. With his incredible ability to dribble and create moves, Balić has enchanted handball fans. He has won two World Championships and a European Championship, as well as being voted the best player in the world by the IHF on two occasions. Balić is known for his intelligence on the court and ability to play under pressure. He is also one of the best right wingers in the history of handball.

Stefan Lövgren

Stefan Lövgren is one of Sweden’s most outstanding players, with a career full of success. He was one of the pillars of the Swedish national team that won several European titles and Olympic medals. Lövgren played for THW Kiel in Germany, where he won the EHF Champions League. A curiosity about Lövgren is that he started playing handball inspired by his older brother.

Ólafur Stefánsson

Ólafur Stefánsson, from Iceland, is renowned for his versatile and precise style of play. He has played in some of Europe’s best leagues, including the Bundesliga and the ASOBAL League. Stefánsson was a key part of the Icelandic team that won the silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. In addition to his sporting career, he is known for his interest in literature and the arts.

Mikkel Hansen

Another of the best right wingers in handball history is Mikkel Hansen, from Denmark. He has been voted the best player in the world by the IHF on three occasions and has led Denmark to several international victories, including the World Championship and the Olympic Games. Hansen is known for his shooting accuracy and ability to lead the team at critical moments. Interestingly, he is the son of Flemming Hansen, another famous handball player.

Filip Jícha

Filip Jícha, from the Czech Republic, had a brilliant career both as a player and a coach. He won the EHF Champions League with THW Kiel and was voted the best player in the world by the IHF. Jícha is known for his versatility and ability to score goals from any position. After retiring as a player, he continued his handball career as a coach, leading THW Kiel. Another who cannot be left out of the list of the best right-backs in handball history.

Nikola Karabatić

Nikola Karabatić, of French-Serbian origin, is also considered one of the best right wingers in the history of handball. He won numerous titles with the French national team, including World and European Championships, as well as Olympic medals. Karabatić played for big clubs such as Montpellier, Kiel and Barcelona. A curiosity about Karabatić is that he began his sporting career in judo before switching to handball.

Raul Entrerríos

Raul Entrerríos, from Spain, had a long and successful career in handball. He was a key member of the Spanish team that won European and world titles. Entrerríos played for renowned clubs such as Barcelona, where he won several national and international titles. He is known for his intelligence on the court and leadership skills. In addition to handball, Entrerríos has a degree in physical education.

László Nagy

László Nagy, from Hungary, is known for his impressive height and technical ability. He played for clubs such as Barcelona and Veszprém, where he won several league and international titles. Nagy was one of the key players in the Hungarian national team, leading the team to many important victories. In addition to his handball career, Nagy is an avid basketball fan, a sport he also played in his youth.

List: the 10 best right wingers in the history of handball

  1. Talant Dujshebaev
  2. Jackson Richardson
  3. Ivano Balić
  4. Stefan Lövgren
  5. Ólafur Stefánsson
  6. Mikkel Hansen
  7. Filip Jícha
  8. Nikola Karabatić
  9. Raul Entrerríos
  10. László Nagy

The right wings mentioned in this list not only redefined the role of their position, but also contributed significantly to the growth and popularity of world handball. Each of them left a lasting legacy that continues to influence the game to this day.

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