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Bodybuilding is a sport that has many incredible athletes with impressive skills, like Ramon Dino. The 29-year-old Brazilian is already one of the most promising athletes of the moment!

The Brazilian bodybuilder is 29 years old, from Acre and has already been beating his rivals in competitions. If you like bodybuilding or are just starting to find out more about the sport, you can’t miss Ramon Dino.

That’s why we’ve prepared a special article with everything you need to know about this Brazilian athlete!

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Ramon Dino: who is he?

ramon dino
Ramon Dino is one of the biggest names in bodybuilding today (Personal archive/Instagram)

To get to know Ramon Dino, let’s start with the basics. The athlete was born on February 9, 1995, in the city of Rio Branco, the capital of Acre. He lived with his parents, Suzana and Hamilton, in a lower-middle class neighborhood called Xavier Maia, and was the youngest of three siblings.

As a child, he enjoyed playing soccer with his friends, but also ventured into capoeira. The athlete always had a different physique from other boys his age, always appearing to be older than he really was.

Because of his size, Ramon began to receive suggestions to start muscular training.

Acre is a state a long way from the Rio de Janeiro – S茫o Paulo circuit, which is usually more visible. But distance was no obstacle to the athlete making a name for himself throughout Brazil and the world.

The athlete’s life was far from easy, and at the age of 21 he began to dedicate himself to physical activity in order to face all the difficulties that came his way.

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At the time, Ramon was unemployed and could hardly have imagined that he would soon become one of the biggest names in bodybuilding in the world. In his workouts, he needed to eat properly in order to build his muscles, and for this it was crucial to consume lots of eggs.

In times of difficulty, Ramon Dino bought his eggs on credit, but even with his financial difficulties he never stopped paying his dues on time. It didn’t take long for his exercise routine and diet to start bringing good results.

That’s how everything changed in Ramon Dino’s life.

Ramon Dino: from basic training to bodybuilding

Bodybuilding athlete Ramon Dino started training when he was just 14 years old. As he didn’t have enough money to pay the monthly fee for a gym membership, amidst other bills that had to be paid at home, he stayed there for just one month.

But as she had no intention of stopping exercising, she started doing calisthenics outdoors in her neighborhood. He often trained for hours every day, aiming for his goal.

All his effort and, of course, genetics, helped Ramon Dino gain a lot of muscle mass. Then he was noticed by his muscular training teacher Marcio Garcia, who invited him to compete as a bodybuilder.

The two began a search for a sponsor, while he received help to train. It was in 2016, when Ramon was already 21, that he took part in his first amateur championship.

Ramon won the Men’s Physique category in the Rond么nia State Championship. The following year, he won another championship, this time becoming the best Brazilian amateur bodybuilder.

Thanks to these achievements, the bodybuilder managed to qualify for the Olympia Amador Brasil, which was to take place in S茫o Paulo. Without a sponsor or a job, he did what he could to raise money to train in a gym and improve his diet.

The effort paid off, and Ramon Dino won the contest. However, life still hadn’t improved and he almost gave up. In 2020, he was invited to take part in a reality show called Mans茫o Maromba, created by fitness influencer Tiago Toguro.

Taking part in this project brought him the much-desired visibility for his career in sport, earning him sponsorship and being able to dedicate himself to the sport.

At the same time, the athlete earned the nickname “dinosaur” from Toguro, who liked to say that Acre didn’t exist and that there were only dinosaurs there. Ramon also met his wife Vit贸ria on the reality show. Today, they are married and have two children.

Ramon Dino: victories and championships

ramon dino
Ramon Dino is already a standout in the main bodybuilding championships

Once Ramon Dino’s career took off, he never stopped. His achievements include first place in two regional bodybuilding championships, second place in the Mr. Olympia in 2021, first place in the Arnold Classic and much more!

See Ramon Dino’s complete list of victories:

  • Regional Championship – Men’s Physique (2016) – 1st place;
  • Regional Championship – Men’s Physique (2017) – 1st place;
  • Mr. Olympia Brazil – IFBB Pro Card (2018) – 1st place;
  • Europe Pro – Vague for Mr. Olympia (2021) – 2nd place;
  • Mr. Olympia (2021) – 2nd place;
  • Muscle Contest Brasil – Vacancy for Mr. Olympia (2022) – 1st place;
  • Arnold Classic (2022) – 2nd place;
  • Mr. Olympia (2022) – 2nd place;
  • Arnold Classic (2023) – 1st place;
  • Mr. Olympia (2023) – 2nd place;
  • Arnold Classic (2024) – 2nd place.

Ramon Dino: preparing for the championships

In order to keep winning and stand out in the awards, Ramon Dino never stops dedicating himself to training and eating properly. When it comes to exercise, he says he trains intensely, but very carefully so as not to injure himself.

He also makes a point of following his nutritionist’s strict diet. Even though he doesn’t eat much, he has to eat six meals a day, all with a balance of proteins and carbohydrates.

It’s worth remembering that each athlete has different training needs, so if you want to reach the level of Ramon Dino or any other athlete, you need to talk to physical education and nutrition professionals to get the right guidance.

What is Ramon Dino’s salary?

Ramon Dino is sponsored by Max Titanium Supplements and recently signed a deal to launch his own product line. As a result, the athlete can earn around RS$500,000 a month.

It’s worth remembering that this figure is an estimate, as the bodybuilder also earns money from other advertising and also from each championship he wins. In the last contest alone, the Arnold Classic, the runner-up prize was around R$148,000.

Today, Ramon Dino is a well-respected name in bodybuilding in Brazil and around the world. The athlete has amassed millions of followers on social media, gaining fans and inspiring future bodybuilders.

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