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Developed by Epic Games and released in 2017, Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s known for its vibrant graphics and unique building mechanics. But if you still have doubts about whether it’s worth it, why not join us in this guide with all about Fortnite? See the history, the rules and how this multiplayer game works.

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What is Fortnite?

So just to clarify what is Fortnite: a free-to-play battle royale game that combines third-person shooter elements and allows players to collect resources to build defensive and offensive structures. You can even create customized islands with buildings, obstacles, traps and more using construction tools.

What is the objective of Fortnite?

In Battle Royale mode, Fortnite’s objective is to be the last surviving player or team out of 100 competitors. But there is also Save the World mode, where the goal is to cooperate with other players to face hordes of creatures called “Husks” and complete various missions (such as rescuing survivors, defending strategic points and collecting resources).

Fortnite also has Creative mode, which offers a sandbox environment where players have the freedom to create their own maps and game modes. The objectives can be varied and set by the players themselves.

How does Fortnite work?

You can download the game from the  official Epic Games website. If you’ve already installed it, check out how Fortnite works:

All about Fortnite: game interface

In the Main Menu, Play is where you start matches. The Battle Pass shows your progress in the Battle Pass and the rewards available. The Item Shop is where you can buy skins and other items.

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Through the Locker, you can customize your character with skins, backpacks, pickaxes, emotes and much more. To see your statistics and achievements, go to Career. In the V-Bucks section, you can buy V-Bucks, the game’s currency.

All about Fortnite: how to start a match

How to start a match in Fortnite: select Battle Royale mode, choose the game type (Solo, Duos, Trios or Squads) and click “Play” to start the match.

During the Match, choose a location on the map and jump off the bus. Use your glider to land. Once you’ve landed, look for weapons, ammunition, shields and other useful items.

All about Fortnite: gathering and building

Use your pickaxe to collect materials (wood, bricks and metal) and build defensive or offensive structures. Avoid the storm that gradually closes off the playing area.

To build, press the construction key (“Q”) and select the type of structure (wall, floor, ramp, roof). Place the structure where you want it.

All about Fortnite: battle pass

Fortnite’s Battle Pass is a progression system that offers exclusive rewards as you gain levels by completing challenges and earning XP. It can be bought with V-Bucks in the in-game store.

Tips for playing Fortnite

One of the tips for playing Fortnite is to choose where you land. More popular locations have more loot, but also more players. Less popular locations are safer, but have fewer resources.

Another strategy for playing Fortniteis managing your resources. Collect whenever you can and use materials wisely, especially at the end of the game.

Remember that completing challenges helps you earn XP and level up in the Battle Pass more quickly.

How many Fortnites are there?

There is only one Fortnite, but within it there are modes such as Fortnite: Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save the World (Fortnite’s paid cooperative mode), Fortnite: Creative and Fortnite: Party Royale (a social and entertainment mode within Fortnite, where players can take part in live events).

Events and Collaborations

Fortnite is also known for its special events and collaborations with various franchises and brands. These events can introduce temporary game modes, themed items and unique experiences, such as:

  • Seasonal Events: Significant changes to the map and story with each new season.
  • Crossovers with Other Franchises: Characters and themes from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many others.
  • Concerts and Screenings: Live shows by artists such as Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, and screenings of movie trailers.


Fortnite can be seen as a single game with several different modes, each offering a unique experience for players. The main modes are Battle Royale, Save the World, Creative, Party Royale and Zero Build. In addition, temporary events and frequent collaborations keep the game fresh and exciting.

What are the Fortnite rules?

There is a set of Fortnite rules, developed by Epic Games itself, in order to guarantee a fair and safe gaming environment for everyone.

  • It is forbidden to use cheats, hacks or exploits to gain an advantage over other players.
  • No sharing your account with other people and no trying to access other players’ accounts.
  • No using bugs or glitches in the game to gain an advantage.
  • No buying V-Bucks from unauthorized sources.
  • Using exploits to position yourself outside the safe zone or manipulate the storm is prohibited.
  • Creating or sharing offensive or inappropriate content is prohibited.

Violating the rules may result in warnings, temporary or permanent account suspensions.

What is the story of Fortnite?

The story of Fortnite is centered on the concept of the “Zero Point”, a singularity point that connects different realities within the multiverse. The Zero Point is a powerful and unstable energy source capable of distorting space and time. Throughout the seasons, characters try to protect the Zero Point from forces that wish to control its power.

Catastrophic events, such as the merging of different realities and the collapse of space-time, are triggered when the Zero Point is disturbed. The narrative unfolds through events and characters and grapples with a complex web of alternative realities, time travel and inter-dimensional encounters. With each new season, new elements are introduced.

Here you’ll find everything about Fortnite, which continues to evolve and remain relevant and innovative in the gaming industry. And if you like to keep up to date with the gaming world, be sure to enjoy our content:

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