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Shall we play a Lol? If you’ve ever felt the urge, but still don’t know where to start, don’t worry! In this complete guide, we’ve separated all about League of Legends (LoL): what it is, what its history is, how it works, positions, curiosities and tips.

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What is League of Legends (LoL)?

League of Legends (LoL) is part of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. It was developed and published by Riot Games and launched on October 27, 2009.

In LoL, players have to play champions who compete in teams to destroy the enemy base while defending their own.

The matches take place online, and two teams of five players fight on a map with three main routes.

What is the history of League of Legends (LoL)?

To learn all about League of Legends (LoL), you also need to know the game’s story: basically, it’s set in a world called Runeterra, where different regions and civilizations coexist.

In the beginning, Runeterra was a tumultuous place, marked by wars and conflicts between different races and factions. However, an organization known as the War Institute emerged to resolve disputes between nations through controlled contests, known as Fields of Justice. Here, champions from different regions and factions compete on behalf of their causes.

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Over the years, the story of League of Legends has expanded to include epic events, and other character stories are often introduced.

Today, Riot Games continues to expand and develop the LoL story through events, comics videos and game updates.

How League of Legends (LoL) works

The objective of LoL is to destroy the enemy Nexus (central structure), located in the opponent’s base, while defending your own Nexus. Once the Nexus is destroyed, it leads to victory for the opposing team.

All about League of Legends (LoL): champion

Before you start a match, you need to choose a champion to play. There are more than 150 League of Legends champions, each with unique abilities and specific roles, which we’ll elaborate on later.

All about League of Legends (LoL): map

The main LoL map is called Summoner’s Rift. The map has three main routes (top, middle and bottom) and a jungle between them. The aim is to advance along the routes, destroying enemy towers.

How to move in LoL

In the game, you control your champion using the keyboard and mouse. The right mouse button is used to move your champion, while skills are activated with the Q, W, E and R keys.

All about League of Legends (LoL): Gold and Experience

In League of Legends, you earn gold by killing minions (small computer-controlled creatures), enemy champions and structures such as towers. The gold is used to buy items that increase your champion’s power.

In addition, you gain experience by being close to minions or slaughtering enemies, which makes your champion level up and unlock new abilities.

All about League of Legends (LoL): Game modes

There are two main game modes: ranked matches and normal matches. In LoL ranked matches, you compete to climb the ranks and reach higher positions in the standings. In normal matches, you play casually.

What positions do you play in League of Legends (LoL)?

Top Lane

Top lane players usually choose champions known as fighters or tanks, who are responsible for controlling the line, protecting towers and taking part in team fights during the game.

Mid Lane

The champions who stay in the middle are usually mages or assassins and have the responsibility of controlling the route, ensuring vision and helping in fights.

Hunter (Jungle)

Players who play as hunters usually choose champions known as hunters or assassins. They don’t stay on a specific route, but roam the jungle between routes, killing creatures and helping routes achieve objectives.

ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

Champions known as ADCs stay in the bottom lane, usually accompanied by a support, and are responsible for causing physical damage from a distance.


Supports stay in the lower lane, usually accompanying the sniper, and are responsible for protecting the sniper and providing utility for the team, such as healing and shields.

How many characters are there in League of Legends (LoL)?

LoL started out with just 40 champions, but now has over 150 characters. Riot Games continues to introduce new champions regularly throughout the game’s updates to keep the experience fresh and exciting for Lolzeiros on duty.

Curiosities about League of Legends (LoL)

  1. LoL is constantly updated with seasonal events, new champions and changes throughout the seasons.
  2. The game has professional leagues all over the world.
  3. The success of League of Legends has helped drive the growth of esports.
  4. It is one of the most watched games on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.
  5. Players can customize their champions with a variety of themed skins.
  6. There are resources for players to learn and improve in League of Legends, including strategy guides, educational videos and game analysis tools.
  7. League of Legends has a vast collection of songs, such as Legends Never Die and Rise.
  8. LoL is part of the Esports World Cup
  9. The game serves as the basis for the Arcane series, which brings with it some characters and references.

Top League of Legends (LoL) tips

Before venturing into competitive matches, our tip is that you first learn all about League of Legends (LoL) and master the basics of the game, such as movement, camera control, buying items and using skills.

Start with a champion who is easier to play. Newcomers usually opt for Garen (Top), Annie (Mid), Ashe (ADC), Amumu (Jungle) or Sona (Support).

Requirements to play League of Legends (LoL)

LoL is available on Windows or Mac. See the requirements to play League of Legends:

Requirements to play LoL on Windows

The minimum requirements involve Intel: Core i3-530 or AMD: A6-3650 processor, NVIDIA: GeForce 9600GT video card, Intel: Intel HD 4600 or AMD: HD 6570, 1GB VRAM, 2GB RAM and 16GB free space (HDD).

The recommended requirements: Intel: Core i5-3300 or AMD: Ryzen 3 1200 processor, NVIDIA: GeForce 560 or AMD: Radeon HD 6950 graphics card, 2GB VRAM, 16GB free space (SSD) and Win 11.

Requirements to play LoL on Mac

To play LoL on Mac, you must meet minimum requirements: Intel processor: Core i5-750, AMD card: HD 6570 or Intel: Intel HD 4600, VRAM 1 GB, Free space 12 GB (HDD) and macOS 10.13.6.

The recommended requirements are Intel: Core i5-3300 processor, AMD: Radeon HD 6950 or Intel: Intel UHD 630 graphics card, 2 GB VRAM, 16 GB free space (SSD) and macOS 11.

Now that you know all about League of Legends (LoL), there’s no excuse to stop playing! And if you want to stay on top of everything that’s happening in the gaming world, follow our content!

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