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Have you ever imagined yourself running on subway tracks, dodging obstacles and collecting coins in an electrifying adventure? If so, then you’re ready to dive into the universe of Subway Surfers! The captivating game offers an endless running experience full of excitement and challenges. Find out all about Subway Surfers and get all your questions answered.

The game offers the chance to explore vibrant settings in cities around the world, unlock a variety of characters and even compete with other players for high scores.

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How Subway Surfers works

So it’s clear how Subway Surfers works: the character has to run along the subway tracks, dodging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. The gameplay is very simple, and boils down to swiping and tapping the screen.

You can guide the character left, right, up and down to avoid collisions with trains, barriers and other hazards.

During the races, you should also try to collect special power-ups that offer temporary advantages, such as jetpacks, coin magnets and super sneakers.

What is the objective of Subway Surfers?

It’s easy to see what the objective of Subway Surfers is: to run as far as possible on the subway tracks, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins and special items along the way. There is no specific end to the game. The idea is to beat your own records and get a higher score than other players.

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But as you run, you can complete objectives and challenges, such as collecting a certain number of coins or covering a certain distance. Unlocking new characters, costumes and power-ups is also part of the objective of Subway Surfers.

All about Subway Surfers: history of the game

Subway Surfers doesn’t have a linear narrative or a detailed story. The idea is just to run along the subway tracks, avoid obstacles and collect coins. However, the game takes place in a “World Tour” format. Thus, a new city is visited every four weeks, which often brings a different scenario.

The game was developed by Danish developer SYBO. On the internet, it went viral that the story of Subway Surfers revolved around the death of a developer’s son, which occurred in a skateboarding accident. However, the creators denied this and came up with a simpler and less tragic story – the union of two passions: animation and urban art.

All about Subway Surfers: list of characters

  1. Jake: The original protagonist of the game, an agile and adventurous young man with blond hair and a red cap.
  2. Tricky: A lively girl with pink hair and an energetic personality.
  3. Fresh: A rapper with an urban style, wearing colorful clothes and a gold chain.
  4. Yutani: A teenager with a futuristic and technological look, inspired by Japanese culture.
  5. Spike: A punk skateboarder with spiky green hair and a rebellious attitude.
  6. Lucy: A blonde-haired surfer girl with a laid-back vibe.
  7. Prince K: A prince from a fictional country, known for his elegance and sophistication.
  8. Tagbot: A friendly, colorful robot that moves along the subway tracks.
  9. Noon: A street dancer with an urban style and plenty of attitude.
  10. Brody: A surfer with blue hair and red shorts, always ready for a new adventure.

All about Subway Surfers: missions

The complete list of Subway Surfers releases involves:

  1. Collect a certain number of coins during a race.
  2. Collect all the letters of a specific word (usually “SUBWAY” or “SURFERS”) scattered along the route.
  3. Perform a certain number of acrobatic maneuvers during a race, such as double jumps, slides and rolls.
  4. Use specific power-ups during a race.
  5. Collect special items such as keys, mystery boxes or surfboards during a race.
  6. Daily or weekly challenges, which change regularly and offer additional rewards.

All about Subway Surfers: requirements

The requirements for Subway Surfers may vary slightly depending on the device and operating system on which the game will run:

iOS devices

The game is compatible with iOS devices, is a relatively lightweight application and doesn’t require much storage space. Usually, only a few megabytes are needed to install the game.

Android devices

Subway Surfers is also compatible with Android devices and can be downloaded from the Play Store. It also doesn’t require much storage space and can be installed on devices with limited capacity.


Although the game can be played offline, an Internet connection is required to download the game from the app store and to access online features such as updates and rankings.

All about Subway Surfers: rules

The rules of Subway Surfers are very simple. You have to avoid colliding with moving trains, barriers, pillars and other obstacles along the subway tracks. Your character will be captured by security guards if you collide.

During the race, you also need to collect as many coins as possible to increase your score.

The game ends when your character collides with an obstacle or is caught by the security guards. Try to run as far as possible to achieve a high score before this happens.

Now that you know all about Subway Surfers, get your hands dirty and become a true expert in the game! Also, keep up with our content to stay on top of the gaming world:

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