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MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a genre of video games that combines elements of real-time strategy with team-action gameplay, and it has become increasingly popular. We’ve listed the best MOBA games of all time to show you that this genre is on a roll.

MOBA games usually feature two teams of players competing against each other on a map divided into several routes or corridors, with the common goal of destroying the enemy base.

MOBAs generally feature a wide range of characters, each with unique abilities and distinctive playing styles. This provides variety and depth to the gameplay, allowing players to experiment with different strategies and tactical approaches.

What’s more, they are highly competitive, with dedicated communities and a robust competitive scene. Each game has its own identity and unique mechanics, but they all share the fundamental elements. Take a look at the best:

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The best MOBA games of all time

League of Legends (2009)

Famous Lolzinho! League of Legends is widely considered one of the best MOBAs of all time due to its accessible gameplay, strategic depth and huge player base. With a wide variety of characters, regular updates and a vibrant competitive scene, LoL captivates players with its well-polished mechanics and an immersive gaming experience.

Dota 2 (2013)

Dota 2, a sequel to the popular DotA mod for Warcraft III, is praised for its strategic complexity and intricate skills. With a dedicated community and a strong focus on individual skill, Dota 2 offers a high-level competitive experience that challenges players to master a variety of mechanics and strategies.

Heroes of the Storm (2015)

Heroes of the Storm stands out for its unique approach to the MOBA genre, with dynamic maps and team objectives that encourage cooperation and strategy. Its accessible gameplay and diverse roster of characters, including iconic heroes from different Blizzard franchises, make it a popular choice among fans of the genre.

Smite (2014)

Smite sets itself apart from other MOBAs with its third-person perspective and its theme of deities and mythology. With a variety of game modes and an active community, Smite offers a refreshing and immersive experience that appeals to players of all abilities.

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Arena of Valor (2016)

Arena of Valor is widely praised for its accessible gameplay and intuitive controls, making it one of the most popular MOBAs for mobile devices. With a wide variety of characters and exciting maps, Arena of Valor offers an immersive experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Vainglory (2014)

Vainglory stands out for its impressive graphics and precise controls, providing a quality MOBA experience for mobile devices. With a dedicated community and a focus on strategic gameplay, Vainglory has earned a place among the best MOBAs available for mobile platforms.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (2016)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is popular for its fast and accessible matches, offering a complete MOBA experience for mobile devices. With a wide variety of heroes and exciting maps, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang attracts both casual and competitive players, solidifying its place among the best MOBAs for mobile devices.

Heroes of Newerth (2010)

Heroes of Newerth was one of the first MOBAs to gain popularity, offering a hardcore experience with challenging mechanics and a diverse roster of heroes. Although it has lost part of its player base over the years, it is still remembered for its contribution to the genre and for providing exciting team battles.

Strife (2015)

Strife stands out for its simplified mechanics and focus on the player experience. With an innovative system for healing and sharing gold between team members, Strife aims to reduce the toxicity commonly associated with MOBAs and offer a friendlier experience for casual players.

Paladins Strike (2018)

Paladins Strike brings the intense action of the popular shooter Paladins to mobile devices, combining MOBA elements with team shooting mechanics. With a variety of characters and maps inspired by the Paladins universe, Paladins Strike offers a fast-paced and exciting experience for fans of the genre.

Paragon (2016)

Paragon stood out for its impressive graphics and third-person perspective, offering a unique approach to the MOBA genre. Unfortunately, the game was discontinued in 2018, but it is remembered for its innovative gameplay and stunning visuals.

Gigantic (2017)

Gigantic combined MOBA elements with boss battles and a vibrant, unique aesthetic. Despite being shut down shortly after launch due to financial problems, Gigantic left a lasting impression with its unique gameplay and impressive visual design.

Battlerite (2017)

Battlerite stands out for its fast-paced action and intense combat mechanics, deviating somewhat from the traditional MOBA format. With a focus on duels between small teams, Battlerite offers an exciting and highly competitive experience that has attracted a dedicated player base.

Super Monday Night Combat (2012)

Super Monday Night Combat combined MOBA elements with third-person shooters, featuring a futuristic and humorous aesthetic. Although it didn’t achieve the same success as other MOBAs, Super Monday Night Combat is remembered for its unique gameplay and lively atmosphere.

Awesomenauts (2012)

Awesomenauts stood out for its 2D platform approach and accessible gameplay. With charismatic characters and a variety of creative maps, Awesomenauts offered a refreshing experience within the MOBA genre, attracting players of all ages.

Minion Masters (2019)

Minion Masters sets itself apart by focusing more on card strategy than direct action, offering tactical and exciting matches. With a variety of cards and strategies available, Minion Masters challenges players to master the art of minion battle on their journey to victory.

Prime World (2012)

Prime World combined real-time strategy with RPG elements, offering a unique experience within the MOBA genre. Although it didn’t achieve the same popularity as other MOBAs, Prime World is remembered for its innovative mechanics and character progression.

AirMech (2012)

AirMech brought a unique approach to the MOBA genre, combining elements of real-time strategy and unit control with direct combat. With a variety of units and strategic maps, AirMech offered an immersive experience for fans of strategy and MOBA games.

Demigod (2009)

Demigod was one of the first MOBA games to introduce progression mechanics and character customization. Although it faced some launch problems, Demigod is remembered for its unique gameplay and influence on the development of the MOBA genre.

Hyper Universe (2017)

Hyper Universe stood out for its 2D platform gameplay and varied characters. Although it faced some challenges in terms of popularity, Hyper Universe offered a unique and exciting experience that captivated many MOBA fans.

List: 20 best MOBA games of all time

  1. League of Legends (LoL) (2009)
  2. Dota 2 (2013)
  3. Heroes of the Storm (2015)
  4. Smite (2014)
  5. Arena of Valor (2016)
  6. Vainglory (2014)
  7. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (2016)
  8. Heroes of Newerth (2010)
  9. Strife (2015)
  10. Paladins Strike (2018)
  11. Paragon (2016)
  12. Gigantic (2017)
  13. Battlerite (2017)
  14. Super Monday Night Combat (2012)
  15. Awesomenauts (2012)
  16. Minion Masters (2019)
  17. Prime World (2012)
  18. AirMech (2012)
  19. Demigod (2009)
  20. Hyper Universe (2017)

MOBA games have gained enormous popularity due to their unique combination of team strategy, character diversity, competitiveness and accessibility. And since you’ve followed our list of the best MOBA games of all time, check out similar content and stay on top of the gaming world:

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