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At FM, signing prospects is a very efficient method of strengthening the team for the following seasons. After all, it’s possible to nurture talent and prepare them to take over in positions that are most lacking.

We’ve put together the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024 in the list below. There are 30 players who have everything it takes to develop and do well.

To help you select the right player, we’ve provided important information such as current club, age, nationality and market value.

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Best young strikers in Football Manager 2024

  • Jude Soonsup-Bell
  • Elye Wahi
  • Mohamed-Ali Cho
  • Talles Wander
  • Benjamin Sesko
  • Emanuel Emegha
  • Karim Konaté
  • Armando Broja
  • Marcos Leonardo
  • Rasmus Højlund

10) Jude Soonsup-Bell

Top 30 melhores atacantes jovens do Football Manager 2024
Jude Soonsup-Bell
  • Club | Tottenham
  • Age | 18 years
  • Nation | England
  • Value | €32m

We open our list of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024 with Jude Soonsup-Bell. Interestingly, the 18-year-old Englishman is the youngest name in this top 10, so you’ll have plenty of time to polish him. His main attributes are pace (15), acceleration (14) and finishing (14).

9) Elye Wahi

Elye Wahi
Elye Wahi
  • Club | Lens
  • Age | 20 years
  • Nation | France
  • Value | €56m

Elye Wahi is also on our list of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024. The Frenchman, currently at Lens, is a running and scoring machine. It’s no wonder that his most impressive attributes are pace (16), finishing (16) and acceleration (15). Perfect for any tactical set-up!

8) Mohamed-Ali Cho

Mohamed-Ali Cho
Mohamed-Ali Cho
  • Club | Real Sociedad
  • Age | 19 years
  • Nation | France
  • Value | €67m

Mohamed-Ali Cho is a player who doesn’t yet have expressive attributes, but that’s good news. After all, you’ll be able to mould him to your liking in training. Make the most of his development, give him enough game time and you’ll see that the Frenchman has talent to spare.

7) Talles Wander

Talles Wander
Talles Wander
  • Club | São Paulo
  • Age | 19 years
  • Nation | Brazil
  • Value | €10m

Costing just 10 million euros, Talles Wander is the cheapest player on this list. What’s more, the Brazilian prospect is not a first-team regular at São Paulo. So you won’t have any problems signing him. It may not seem like it, but Talles is certainly one of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024. You just have to be patient and polish his finishing ability.

6) Benjamin Sesko

Benjamin Sesko
Benjamin Sesko
  • Club | RB Leipzig
  • Age | 20 years
  • Nation | Slovenia
  • Value | €57m

Benjamin Sesko is one of the great gems of world football. No wonder he’s already being coveted by European giants. The Slovenian is 1.94 metres tall, but stereotypes aside: Sesko is technical, skilful and agile. If you can afford him, you’ll have a great centre-forward in your squad. Definitely one of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024.

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5) Emanuel Emegha

Emanuel Emegha
Emanuel Emegha
  • Club | Strasbourg
  • Age | 20 years
  • Nation | Netherlands
  • Value | €53m

With a height of 1.95 metres, Emanuel Emegha is very strong in the air, excelling in areas such as jumping (17) and heading (16). As if that wasn’t enough, the Dutchman is also fast, with 15 points for both pace and acceleration. Trust me: the player is worth investing in.

4) Karim Konaté

Karim Konaté
Karim Konaté
  • Club | RB Salzburg
  • Age | 19 years
  • Nation | Ivory Coast
  • Value | €55m

Even though he’s only 19, Karim Konaté already has remarkable attributes in several areas, such as determination (17), acceleration (17), agility (16), bravery (16) and aggression (15). In other words, the Ivorian is the kind of player who gives his all on the pitch and never stops fighting for a ball. Unquestionably one of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024.

3) Armando Broja

Armando Broja
Armando Broja
  • Club | Chelsea
  • Age | 21 years
  • Nation | Albania
  • Value | €104m

Armando Broja is arguably one of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024. The Albanian moves well, carries the ball skilfully and knows how to open up spaces for team-mates to create chances. Broja’s main characteristics in the game are his acceleration (16) and pace (16).

2) Marcos Leonardo

Marcos Leonardo
Marcos Leonardo
  • Club | Santos
  • Age | 20 years
  • Nation | Brazil
  • Value | €64m

Marcos Leonardo has been one of the most regular centre-forwards in the Campeonato Brasileiro, so he’s likely to be leaving Santos very soon. If you manage to recruit the striker, he will give you intensity, constant movement and, of course, excellent finishing power.

1) Rasmus Højlund

Rasmus Højlund
Rasmus Højlund
  • Club | Manchester United
  • Age | 20 years
  • Nation | Denmark
  • Value | €95m

We finalise the list of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024 with Rasmus Højlund. As the Dane has only just arrived at Manchester United, it will be difficult to sign him. But if you wait a few seasons and have the cash, you’ll have one of the best centre-forwards on the planet in your squad. Højlund is technical, a good shot-stopper and an excellent header.

More – Best young strikers in FM 24

  • 11) Youssoufa Moukoko (B. Dortmund) – 18 years
  • 12) Vitor Roque (A. Paranaense) – 18 years
  • 13) Rodrigo Ribeiro (Sporting) – 18 years
  • 14) Skye Vink (Ajax) – 17 years
  • 15) Will Lankshear (Tottenham) – 18 years
  • 17) Jason van Duiven (PSV) – 18 years
  • 18) Evan Ferguson (Brighton) – 18 years
  • 19) Francesco Esposito (Spezia) – 18 years
  • 20) Shaqueel van Persie (Feyenoord) – 16 years
  • 21) Deivid Washington (Chelsea) – 18 years
  • 22) Samu Omorodion (Alavés) – 19 years
  • 23) Iker Villar (Sevilla) – 11 years
  • 24) Álvaro Rodríguez (Real Madrid) – 18 years
  • 25) Endrick (Palmeiras) – 16 years
  • 26) Jonah Kusi-Asare (AIK) – 16 years
  • 27) Gabriel Silva (Sporting) – 16 years
  • 28) Enzo Sternal (O. Marseille) – 16 years
  • 29) Joe Gelhardt (Leeds) – 21 years
  • 30) Kaio Jorge (Frosinone) – 21 years

Now you know the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024 to sign and develop! Choose your favourite and good luck 👊

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