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Want to know everything about Minecraft? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together this complete guide so that you don’t have any doubts left. Become a true expert by following our tips. Check it out!

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What is Minecraft?

But you can’t answer everything about Minecraft without first explaining exactly what Minecraft is, right? So let’s get to it: it’s an electronic sandbox game that lets you explore, build and interact with a virtual world made up of three-dimensional blocks.

In practice, the game offers a creation and adventure experience, allowing you to collect resources, create tools and build structures of various types and sizes.

How does Minecraft work?

There are no complications in how Minecraft works. The world of Minecraft is made up of three-dimensional blocks that players can manipulate. There are different types of blocks, such as earth, stone, wood, water, lava, etc.

There is also a crafting system, where you can combine resources to create tools, weapons, armor and other useful items.

What’s the point of Minecraft?

The next step to knowing everything about Minecraft and becoming a true expert in the game is to understand what Minecraft is all about. Spoiler: none! In fact, it’s a game without a fixed objective, so you need to set your own goals and challenges. However, there are some common objectives that many players follow depending on the game mode they choose.

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All about Minecraft: game modes

  1. Survival Mode: the idea is to collect resources such as wood and stone to build shelters and tools while managing your hunger and health, as well as facing hostile creatures such as zombies and skeletons that appear at night or in dark places.
  2. Creative Mode: provides unlimited resources and the ability to fly, allowing you to build freely without worrying about enemies or the need to collect materials.
  3. Adventure Mode: similar to survival mode, but with additional restrictions that limit players’ interaction with the blocks, encouraging the exploration of maps created by other players.
  4. Spectator Mode: here, you observe the world of Minecraft without interacting directly with it. It’s useful for exploring and learning about the terrain without interfering with the game.
  5. Hardcore Mode: a variation of survival mode, with the difficulty locked at the highest level and permadeath, i.e. the death of the player results in the end of the game without the possibility of respawning.

You can also aim for Construction projects by creating cities, castles, or any structure imaginable and setting yourself personal challenges (such as surviving as many days as possible, creating automatic farms, completing in-game achievements).

How to play Minecraft?

Basic (first steps)

  • Life Bar: Shows the player’s health.
  • Hunger Bar: Shows the level of hunger. When it gets low, the player can’t run and starts losing life.
  • Experience Bar: Accumulates experience points, used for enchantments.
  • Toolbar: Displays items and tools that the player can access quickly.

Resources and shelters

One tip when collecting resources is to break trees to obtain wood, the most basic resource. As for Crafting, combine 4 pieces of wood in the crafting area to create a work table.

Build a simple shelter to protect yourself from creatures at night and create torches with charcoal and sticks to light up your shelter and prevent hostile creatures from appearing.

Weapons and tools

Use the work table to create tools such as picks, shovels, axes and swords.

Iron armor and tools are more durable and effective than stone ones.

Use an enchantment table to apply special effects to weapons and armor using experience points.

Exploration and Mining

Dig to find valuable resources such as coal, iron, gold, redstone, and diamond and use the furnace to smelt iron ore and cook food.

Explore the dimensions. Build an obsidian portal and explore the Nether for unique resources.

Find and defeat the Ender Dragon to “complete” the game, although you can continue playing indefinitely.


Grow wheat to make bread, farm animals for meat and dairy products, fish for fish.

Creative Mode

In creative mode, all the blocks and items are accessible in the inventory. One tip is to opt for flight: press the space bar twice to fly and build more easily.

Multiplayer servers

Take part in personalized games such as parkour, PVP, and construction challenges and value cooperation: work with other players on massive construction projects.

When was Minecraft released?

Another important thing to know in a guide to everything Minecraft is precisely when Minecraft was released. The original version (Java edition of the game) began to be developed in 2009.

However, Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011 officially, for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and some mobile devices.

Where to play Minecraft?

Minecraft is available for Windows 10/11, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and 3DS and even Oculus.

10 fun facts about Minecraft

And to round off our guide to all things Minecraft, we’ve reserved a few curiosities:

  1. Minecraft was initially developed by Markus “Notch” Persson as an independent project. It began as a hobby.
  2. Minecraft has already reached 200 million sales on the platforms
  3. n 2011, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched a project called “Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover,” which included a modified version of Minecraft to help players better understand space exploration.
  4. Minecraft has an adapted version of the game designed specifically for educational purposes. It is used in schools all over the world to teach mathematics, history, science and even programming.
  5. There is an annual convention dedicated to Minecraft called Minecon, where the developers interact with the community, announce new updates and share news about the future of the game
  6. Many players take the time to recreate famous buildings and locations within Minecraft. This includes replicas of entire cities, such as Paris and New York.
  7. The redstone system in Minecraft allows players to create circuits and electronic devices within the game. This has led to the development of functional computers, calculators and even games within Minecraft.
  8. Minecraft has collaborated with other popular games and franchises. For example, it has skins and texture packs based on series such as “Star Wars”, “Super Mario” and “Fallout”, as well as content inspired by games such as “The Legend of Zelda” and “Portal”.
  9. In addition to the main game, Minecraft has expanded to include a variety of related products and experiences. This includes toys, clothes, accessories, books.
  10. It’s going to be a movie! Scheduled for release in 2025, the Minecraft movie has a strong cast, including Jason Momoa and Jack Black

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