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Are you looking for Football Manager 2024 tips to start a save without making silly mistakes? Then this complete and up-to-date guide will help you!

In the topics below, we’ve put together nine tips that every player needs to follow before starting the game’s first season.

These recommendations involve not only tactical aspects, but also squad management, technical staff and even aesthetic elements.

Check them out 👇

Football Manager 2024 tips

  • Positions and roles are different concepts
  • Changing tactics can often get in your way
  • Manage player fatigue
  • Invest in the coaching staff
  • Don’t stick to the stars, stick to the attributes
  • If you have the patience, don’t delegate every role in the game
  • Set-pieces win games
  • Teams with low morale don’t win titles
  • Plan individual training sessions

Positions and roles are different concepts

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Positions and roles are different concepts

Football Manager is a much more realistic simulator than other franchises such as EA Sports FC and eFootball. The tactical elements are therefore more complex and customisable than in other games.

In this sense, it’s good to realise that position is different from role. Position is a broader concept, which refers to the geographical area in which the player will play on the pitch. A role, on the other hand, refers to the player’s assignment within the game.

You could, for example, field a right-back who plays as an inverted centre-back. Or a defender who will play as a centre-back. Bear this in mind before creating a tactic for your club.

Changing tactics can often get in your way

dicas football manager
Changing tactics can often get in your way

Create a formation for your team and try not to change it too often, as it takes time for players to get used to new tactics.

Imagine the following situation in real life: you’ve played a good part of the season in a 4-4-2 formation and suddenly decide to switch to a 3-5-2 formation.

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The players in your squad will need countless training sessions to assimilate the system, because the old one worked with four defenders. The new one, with just three. It’s a drastic change, isn’t it?

It’s the same in Football Manager. If you change the formation overnight, you’ll probably lose a lot of matches until the squad gets used to the tactical changes.

Manage player fatigue

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Manage player fatigue

Managing player fatigue is essential to winning matches. After all, when your players are tired, they won’t do much on the pitch. And this directly affects your team’s performance.

As well as saving parts and rotating the squad during the season, you can let them rest for a few days instead of putting them into training sessions.

For a starter to rest, you need a replacement. So have at least two players per position in your squad.

Invest in the coaching staff

equipe técnica fm 24
Invest in the coaching staff

Before starting a save, open the “Technical Team” tab and look at the professionals at your club. If they are below the league average, open the coffers and try to hire more qualified staff.

The Technical Team is made up of assistants, directors, doctors, physiotherapists, fitness coaches, scouts and other extremely important roles. The more qualified a professional is, the more efficient the area in which they work will be.

If you have good scouts, they will recruit more promising prospects. If you have good doctors, your players will recover from injury more quickly.

Don’t stick to the stars, stick to the attributes

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Don’t stick to the stars, stick to the attributes

In Football Manager, the stars theoretically indicate how good a particular player is. But they don’t tell you everything. So instead of looking at the stars, also look at the players’ attributes and characteristics.

Take this classic example: some players who are at the end of their career usually appear on FM with few stars. But depending on their attributes, they can still be useful in your tactical system.

Each case is different, so get into the habit of analysing players more deeply and analytically – and not by looking at their number of stars.

If you have the patience, don’t delegate every role in the game

football manager 2024 dicas
If you have the patience, don’t delegate every role in the game

You can delegate a number of tasks in Football Manager. This means that the artificial intelligence will take responsibility – not you.

For greater immersion in the game, try not to delegate everything. Take on some responsibilities gradually, because as well as making the game more realistic, your team’s chances of winning will increase significantly.

In the first season, for example, manage team training sessions. In the second, try managing individual training sessions. In the third, focus on recruiting scouts. And so on.

The only aspect of the game that doesn’t really need to be managed manually is the press conference, because it doesn’t affect anything in the game.

Set-pieces win games

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Set-pieces win games

Before starting a save, customise your club’s set-pieces, especially the offensive ones, which include corners and long free-kicks.

To do this, analyse your squad. See which tall players have good aerial attributes, such as heading, jumping height and bravery, and set them up to take free-kicks.

If you don’t, you’ll be wasting a lot of your team’s potential. Goals from set pieces are essential and win matches, especially in lower divisions where the technical quality is below average.

Teams with low morale don’t win titles

moral fm 24
Teams with low morale don’t win titles

In the “Dynamics” tab, you can check your team’s morale, such as team cohesion, club atmosphere and support for the coaching staff.

If these indices are low, you’re unlikely to win matches. The recommendation, therefore, is to solve the problems before anything else.

Plan individual training sessions

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Plan individual training sessions

Plan individual training sessions for each player in your team. It may be boring and time-consuming at first, but believe me: it makes a difference.

With training sessions of this nature, you’ll be able to develop the characteristics and functions of your players, thus increasing their performance on the pitch.

That’s it! With these Football Manager 2024 tips, you’re now ready to rock the game. Which team do you want to play with? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to keep visiting our website 👊

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