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Handball, as we know it today, found fertile ground in Brazil to grow and develop the best Brazilian handball players of all time, thanks to the pioneering efforts of enthusiasts passionate about the sport. Although its arrival in Brazil dates back to the 1930s, initially restricted to São Paulo, it was Professor Augusto Listello who played a crucial role in spreading this exciting sport throughout the country.

However, an important milestone occurred in 1954, when the Paulista Handball Federation organized the first open tournament in the city of São Paulo. This event not only consolidated handball’s popularity in one of the country’s largest cities, but also served as a catalyst for creating the best Brazilian handball players of all time.

Imagine the scenario at the time: a much less connected Brazil, with huge logistical challenges, but with a gigantic desire to integrate different regions through sport. Listello, with his vision and dedication, took advantage of the growing popularity of handball to travel from north to south, promoting the sport, training teachers and organizing competitions.

The result? A seed planted in Brazilian soil that germinated and grew, making handball one of the most beloved sports in the country and building the best Brazilian handball players of all time.

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But who are the best Brazilian handball players of all time? Check out our list!

The best brazilian handball players of all time: find out more about the legends!

Thiagus Petrus


– South American Games (2010)

– Pan American Games (2015)

seu melhor jogo

– Several titles for Esporte Clube Pinheiros (2007-2012)

History: Thiagus Petrus Gibin was born in 1989 in São Bernardo do Campo and showed an aptitude for sport from an early age. He chose handball during his teenage years and quickly stood out due to his exceptional defensive skills. After shining in national competitions, he moved to Spain, where he became one of the top defenders in the Spanish league, and then continued his career with elite European clubs.

Curiosity: Thiagus is known for his tactical rigidity and was crucial in decisive saves in important matches, earning him the nickname “The Wall” among his teammates.

Maik Santos


– Men’s National Handball League (2005)

– Pan American Games (2007)

History: Maik dos Santos, born in 1983 in Florianópolis, started handball at the age of 11. He quickly excelled as a goalkeeper, a position he chose under the influence of his first coach. His performances in Brazil caught the attention of international clubs, and Maik had the opportunity to hone his skills in Europe before returning to Brazil and continuing his successful career.

Curiosity: Off the court, Maik has a passion for music and is an excellent drummer, taking part in several local bands in his spare time. Maik also played for the Brazilian national team for more than two decades.



– Pan American Games (1999, 2003 and 2011)

History: Marco Antônio Ferreira, better known as Marcão, was born in 1982 in Recife. He started playing handball at school and was soon recognized for his talent. He was instrumental for the Brazilian national team in several international competitions, as well as having a robust career playing for clubs in Brazil and Europe.

Curiosity: Marcão is an avid student of languages, fluently speaking three languages in addition to Portuguese, which has helped him a lot in his time at international clubs. Currently, Marcão is a coach and helps several handball goalkeepers in the country.

Bruno Bezerra


– Pan American Games (2003 and 2007)

– National Handball League (1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999)

– Pan American Men’s Handball Championship (2008)

History: Born in 1985 in João Pessoa, Bruno Bezerra was introduced to handball through a social project in his community. With a natural talent for the sport, he excelled in state and national competitions, which led to call-ups to the Brazilian national team and contracts with important clubs in Brazil and Europe.

Curiosity: Bruno is recognized for his work with young athletes, dedicating part of his time to training future handball stars. In addition, Bezerra was voted the 3rd best player in the world in 2003.

Rogério Moraes


– South American Games (2018)

– EHF Champions League (2017, 2019)

History: Rogério Moraes was born in 1994 in Abaetetuba/PA. With an imposing stature, it was natural for him to excel in handball from a young age. After playing for local teams, Rogério moved to Europe, where his career took off, helping his clubs win important titles and being a vital part of the Brazilian national team.

Curiosity: In addition to handball, Rogério has a degree in psychology and uses his skills to help focus and motivate his team.

brazilian handball player thiagus petrus

The 5 best Brazilian handball players of all time: complete list

  1. Thiagus Petrus
  2. Maik
  3. Marcão
  4. Bruno Bezerra
  5. Rogério Moraes

Over the years, the best Brazilian handball players of all time have made a significant contribution to the sport, elevating Brazil to a level of respect and admiration on the world stage. These athletes have not only shone on the court, but have also served as ambassadors for the sport, inspiring generations.

And you, reader, what do you think of the best handball players of all time? Do you know of any other players who should be on this list? Share your opinions and stories with us in the comments below!

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