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Are you about to start your journey in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, but it’s your first time in this game mode? Then this article will help you!

Ultimate Team, also known as UT, is the franchise’s most popular mode. In it, you can build squads with as many players as you like.

You can play matches online, against the machine or in co-op, complete objectives, open packs to get new players and much more.

Beginners often feel lost in the midst of so much content. After all, there are so many rules and features. That’s why we’ve created this tutorial with 10 tips to get you started in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The advice we’ve put together below involves game modes, tasks, trading cards and mentality. By following our recommendations, we’re sure you’ll get your campaign off on the right foot.

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Tips to get off to a good start in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

  • Achieve objectives
  • Don’t quick sell cards
  • Make the first SBCs
  • Don’t just use players by overall
  • Start with Squad Battles
  • Avoid buying packs
  • Use customized tactics
  • Study the meta game
  • Give priority to FPS
  • Use the best control settings

Achieve objectives

objetivos ea fc 24

As soon as you enter EA FC 24 Ultimate Team for the first time, take a look at the game’s list of objectives. By fulfilling them, you’ll earn rewards such as coins, cards, experience and packs.

The objectives are divided into daily, weekly, live, ground and others. Some are fixed and can only be completed once. Others are updated throughout the season.

Each season lasts about a month. Whenever a new season starts, a timeline of rewards appears on the Ultimate Team, something very similar to the Battle Passes in other games.

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That’s what experience is for. The more XP you accumulate by completing objectives, the more seasonal rewards you get.

Completing objectives, therefore, is one of the best ways to earn money and get good players to add to your squad.

Don’t quick sell cards

quick sell ea fc 24
Don’t quick sell cards

When you receive packs by completing objectives or playing matches in the Ultimate Team game modes, you’ll receive numerous tradable cards.

At first, don’t quick sell them. This feature will make you sell the players at cost.

Keep all the cards and only sell the repeats. However, when there are repeats, try to sell them manually on the transfer market, as you’ll get a few extra coins.

Having a lot of cards in your squad is essential for completing the Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), which we’ll explain below.

Make the first SBCs

DME ea sports fc 24

DMEs are Squad Building Challenges. The mechanics are as follows: you exchange a certain group of players for a specific reward.

These squads usually have certain prerequisites, such as chemistry, nationality limits, a certain number of leagues and so on.

Use the cards you win in the packs to carry out the most basic DMEs, such as Foundations, Hybrid Leagues, Hybrid Nations, among others.

This is a very effective method for getting good players into EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team and increasing the strength of your squad.

Don’t just use players by overall

casemiro ea fc 24

Overall is not everything on the UT cards, as the rating takes into account not only the athlete’s skill, but also their international reputation.

Therefore, a player with a high overall rating is not necessarily good. This is the case with midfielders Casemiro and Rodri. The players in question have an 89 rating, but have little speed and are terrible in online matches.

So try to analyze the attributes of the cards. Usually, players with good pace and a high dedication rate are the most effective in the game.

Start with Squad Battles

squad battles ea fc 24
Squad BattleS

There are several game modes in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, but Squad Battles is the most recommended for those just starting out.

In this mode, the matches are offline, i.e. against the machine. You can also choose the difficulty level of the match.

Squad Battles is therefore perfect for testing players, tactical schemes, achieving objectives and earning rewards, as offline matches are much easier than online matches, i.e. against real players.

Avoid buying packs

pacotes ea fc 24

Buying packs with the hard-earned in-game coins is a very common mistake among beginners. Don’t do it under any circumstances!

The packs, especially the basic ones, are not cost-effective. You have to be very lucky to get a good one.

Use the coins to buy specific players directly on the transfer market. It’s much more worthwhile.

Use customized tactics

taticas personalizadas ea fc 24
Customized tactics

Using customized tactics will increase your performance in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team significantly. Trust me!

With this feature, we can alter the team’s behavior in various aspects, such as the style of play construction, the width of the defense, how many players will be in the penalty area at corners and so on.

Go on YouTube and search for customized tactics that are currently trending. Professional players and streamers often pass on the recipe.

Study the meta game

meta ea fc 24

In EA Sports FC 24, as in any competitive game, there is what we call a meta game. It’s good to understand what that means!

The meta game is nothing more than the set of elements that are working best at the moment and increasing the chances of winning.

These elements can be of different kinds: cards, formations, customized tactics, attacking moves, marking style, etc.

Our recommendation, then, is to study what is being effective at the moment. Once again: watch the videos of pro players and content creators, because they live for it and know everything about the meta.

It’s worth noting that the meta is not fixed. It changes all the time. This is because EA Games releases several updates throughout the game.

These patches can improve or worsen a specific element. A tactical formation may be strong now, but not in a few months’ time.

Give priority to FPS

dicas ultimate team do ea fc 24
Video settings in EA FC 24

Graphics don’t win games! Play the first matches in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team and see how your computer performs.

If you experience lag, freezes or a drop in FPS, reduce the quality of the graphics, such as textures, hair flicks, the quality of the fans and the pitch. To do this, simply enter the game’s settings menu.

Use the best control settings

melhores configurações de controle ea sports fc 24
Control settings in EA FC 24

There are various control settings in the game. And they can be customized in the EA FC 24 settings menu.

You can, for example, change the cursor change mechanism, put more or less assistance from artificial intelligence on crosses, etc.

Click here to watch a video in which a professional player explains the best settings in the game.

Now you know how to start your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team journey on the right foot! Did you like this content? Let us know what you think in the comments 👊

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