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Running a club, signing players, managing finances and fighting for titles are just some of the attractions of EA FC 24’s Career Mode. After all, it’s like stepping into the shoes of a manager.

Along with Ultimate Team, Career is one of the most popular, complex and fun modes in the franchise. And in case you didn’t know, there are a few methods that can make your immersion even more fun.

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article. In the list below, we’ve put together 10 tips that will transform your EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode experience.

If you follow our advice to the letter, your save won’t get boring. As a result, you’ll play several seasons without getting bored, because you’ll have clear objectives and sectors of the club to take care of.

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EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode – 10 things you should do

  • Choose a team that makes sense
  • Set realistic settings
  • Meet the club’s objectives
  • Invest in departments
  • Manage squad fatigue and morale
  • Get the scouts working
  • Have two options for each position
  • Pay attention to renewals
  • Develop young prospects
  • Hold training sessions before matches

Choose a team that makes sense

modo carreira ea fc 24 dicas
EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode

The first thing to do in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode is to choose a club. This is an extremely difficult mission, as there are many teams in the game, from countless leagues, countries and divisions.

Since the goal is not to get bored easily, this choice has to be made well. To do this, choose a team that makes sense to you and set yourself a personal goal.

Do you want to manage Manchester City, take all the money in the budget and build the best squad ever? Or select a club from England’s fourth division, restructure it and lead it to the country’s elite?

There are many possibilities. Let your imagination run wild, put together a script and enjoy each of your achievements. It makes a difference!

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Set realistic settings

modo carreira fifa
Settings menu

Before starting a save in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode, it’s a good idea to configure some settings to make the game even more realistic.

After choosing your coach, you’ll be taken to a screen called “Career Options”. There, check “Inflexible” on the “Hiring Rigidity” tab.

This feature will basically make negotiations in the transfer window more difficult and more realistic. Otherwise, you’ll be able to sign whoever you want much more easily.

Still on the same screen, check “No” under “Financial Incorporation”. This option, when enabled, gives you an extra injection of cash at the start of the first season. This takes all the immersion out of the game.

Meet the club’s objectives

objetivos modo carreira

When you start a campaign, the game sets out some objectives for your club. These can be found in the central menu.

There are six types of objective: confidence level, youth teams, brand exposure, finances, national success and continental success.

In each of these sections there are tasks to be accomplished in the short, medium or long term. It will depend on the situation your team is in.

Each season, these objectives are updated, taking into account your team’s performance in the previous year.

At Newcastle, for example, we need to sign two crucial players and make a profit of 54 million in the first season.

It’s worth remembering that you can be sacked if you don’t meet any high-priority targets. So, as well as giving us that sense of accomplishment, these tasks can also cost you your job.

Try to meet as many objectives as you can, as this will give your save more momentum. These are extra motivations to force you to keep playing.

Invest in departments

auxiliares ea fc 24

One of the great new features of EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode is the implementation of specialized departments.

It works like this: you hire assistant coaches to train a certain sector of the team, such as defense, attack or midfield.

Training sessions will therefore focus on the positions in the chosen area. In attack, they will develop strikers, winger and second strikers. In defense, full-backs, wingers and defenders. And so on.

Each assistant has a specific level of proficiency. So pay attention when recruiting them. Hire attack specialists to train the attack, defense specialists to train defenders, etc.

Don’t neglect this feature, as your players will develop much faster than normal. You’re free to invest in assistants!

Manage squad fatigue and morale

moral fadiga ea fc 24
Morale and fadigue

There’s no point in playing the same players every game of the season, especially if your team is in a European competition. They’ll get tired and risk injury.

So never fail to manage your squad’s fatigue. Rotate the squad in less important matches and give everyone a chance to play. After all, that’s what the reserves are there for.

Got an FA Cup preliminary match on a Premier League derby week? Spare the starters. Rotating the squad is also fundamental to maintaining morale. If they don’t get enough chances, they’ll become dissatisfied.

This affects their performance on the pitch and could lead to them asking to be traded in the next transfer window.

Get the scouts working

olheiros modo carreira

It may not seem like it, but scouts play a very important role in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode. So put them to work.

The scout’s job is to make detailed reports on potential signings. Without them, we don’t have access to the player’s attributes and basic information, such as salary, transfer value and current club status.

In addition, scouts are also essential for finding promising young players who will later be developed into youth players.

Have two options for each position

modo carreira ea fc 24
Two players for each role

Depending on the level of relevance of your club, your squad will have to be vast. That’s the only way you’ll be able to cope with a large number of games per season.

We recommend having at least two players for each position in your tactical scheme. That way, if someone gets injured, their immediate replacement can step into the starting line-up, without the need to improvise.

If the financial situation is tight, you can turn to free agents, loans or young prospects.

Pay attention to renewals

contratos modo carreira

Something very important in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode is to keep an eye on contract renewals. If the contract expires, you’ll lose the player for free. We don’t want that to happen, do we?

In the “Squad Center” tab, you can filter the players by contract order. That way, you don’t have to wait to renew the contracts of the players you want to keep.

Reserves are easier to renew. Usually, all you have to do is offer the same salary, a little less or a little more.

With first-team players, the story changes. Especially if the player in question is playing well. You’ll have to offer a more attractive contract, but one that doesn’t jeopardize your finances.

Develop young prospects

dicas modo carreira do ea sports fc 24
Youth team

Don’t neglect your club’s youth teams. By developing young talent, you’ll achieve your goals and reveal future stars.

If you’re planning to play for several seasons, your squad will eventually get old. So it’s good to have a few replacements already in place to keep your squad up to scratch.

Put scouts to work, prioritize your team’s most problematic positions and draw up good development plans.

Hold training sessions before matches

treinos ea sports fc 24
Training sessions before the game

It’s now possible to do short training sessions before the matches start. Carrying out this activity is a valuable tip in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode.

It works like this: you choose a type of training and select which players will take part in the activities. If you score a certain amount of points, the players in question will win momentary PlayStyles.

With extra PlayStyles, the players will have a great chance of playing better in the match in question. It’s worth taking the time to do this!

End of story! Now that you’ve read our 10 tips for making the most of EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode, you’re ready to start a campaign. Good luck 👊

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