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Every year, soccer lovers eagerly await the unveiling of the “Stars of the Future”, a list released by renowned game producer EA, responsible for the popular EA Sports FC game, formerly known as FIFA.

In 2024, this long-awaited announcement has already been made, and the list features a new generation of talent that promises to shake up the world of virtual soccer like you’ve never seen! This year, the selection of stars covers both the men’s and women’s teams in world soccer, featuring names you already know and others that are new to the game.

With representatives from the main clubs in Europe and the United States, the list is a real showcase that reveals all the talent of the sport’s new stars. It’s worth noting that all the players selected are under the age of 23, proving that the generations of athletes have everything it takes to make an impact on the current soccer scene, and also on the future.

craques do futuro
The Future Stars 2024 are from European and North American teams

The Brazilian public has unfortunately been left in the lurch in this new list of Future Stars, as no players from Brazil have been selected. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be exciting to be able to check out all the talented players selected and who promise to make history in FIFA 24 (EA FC 24).

Those selected for FIFA 24’s Future Stars, also known as EA Sports FC 24, are part of giant teams in world soccer, such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, among other huge teams in European and North American soccer.

Since you’re curious to find out who the most promising players of the year are, it’s time to check out the full list of the two FIFA 24 Future Stars teams.

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FIFA 24 Future Stars (EA Sports FC 24)

Anyone who’s a soccer fan, whether it’s just playing FIFA or watching the best leagues, is eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the Stars of the Future. But before checking out the full list, we need to point out that these young talents have been carefully chosen.

The criteria that have been assessed to get them onto the FIFA 24 (EA Sports FC 24) roster are their more than exceptional skills, as well as their potential for growth.

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Through a combination of physical and technical attributes, these players have everything a team needs to make their mark in the world of soccer and become true legends.

craques do futuro
The Stars of the Future are young, promising and real players in world soccer

Here’s a look at FIFA 24 (EA Sports FC24) time 1 and 2, and their respective clubs:

Craques do Futuro do FIFA (EA Sports FC) – Tempo 1

  • Jérémy Doku – Manchester City;
  • Alejandro Garnacho – Manchester United;
  • Alejandro Balde – Barcelona;
  • Lauren James – Chelsea;
  • Harvey Elliott – Liverpool;
  • Victor Boniface – Bayer Leverkusen;
  • Arda Güler – Real Madrid;
  • Trinity Rodman – Washington Spirit;
  • Castello Lukeba – RB Leipzig;
  • Pablo Barrios Rivas – Atlético de Madrid;
  • Yann Aurel Bisseck – Inter de Milão;
  • Margaux Le Mouël – Paris FC;
  • Jun Endo – Angel City;
  • Naomi Girma – San Diego Wave.

FIFA Future Stars (EA Sports FC) – Team 2

  • Salma Paralluelo – Barcelona FC;
  • Youssoufa Moukoko – Borussia Dortmund;
  • Nico Williams – Athletic Club;
  • Rasmus Højlund – Manchester United;
  • Cole Palmer – Chelsea;
  • Selma Bacha – OL;
  • Rico Lewis – Manchester City;
  • Michael Olise – Crystal Palace;
  • Maya Le Tissier – Manchester United;
  • Joshua Zirkzee – Bologna;
  • Warren Zaïre-Emery – Paris Saint-Germain.

Who are the best Future Stars in FIFA 24 (EA FC 24)

The list of Future Stars in FIFA 24 (EA FC 24) is impeccable, but some names stand out even more. It’s difficult to choose between the best, as it will depend on your team’s needs and what you’re looking for.

Salma Paralluelo, for example, plays for Barcelona FC and is a regular in attack, securing the best goals through her runs. Rico Lewis, from Manchester City, is known for being versatile and playing very well in several positions.

Naomi Girma, of the San Diego Wave, can score like nobody’s business and stands out for her tactical intelligence. Harvey Elliot, from Liverpool, has excellent vision and passing skills, among other qualities.

The choice, therefore, will depend on what your team is looking to improve.

FIFA Future Stars (EA Sports FC) – Icons/Idols

In addition to the Future Stars, FIFA (EA Sports FC) has also revealed who the Idols of the Year, or Icons, are. These icons consist of legendary players who are known for their great careers in soccer, and many of these names you already know.

Within the universe of FIFA 24 (EA Sports FC 24), the Idols have the same representation as in the real world: legendary players who have made history on the pitch and are known the world over. Not only do they have practically flawless careers in the sport, but they also cause admiration and inspire beginners.

All this nostalgia is reflected in the game, which in 2024 features iconic players such as Zico, Mia Hamm, Kelly Smith and others.

Before checking out the full list of FIFA 24 Icons, let’s point out that having an “iconic” player in your matches doesn’t just make your game more valuable. Playing with these stars is an immersive experience full of breathtaking passes.

craques do futuro
As well as novice players, the game features well-known stars of the sport

Check out the 2024 Icons:

  • Mia Hamm;
  • Bobby Charlton;
  • Birgit Prinz;
  • Zico;
  • Homare Sawa;
  • Camille Abily;
  • Kelly Smith;
  • Franck Ribéry.

How do I get Future Stars in FIFA 24 (EA FC 24)?

The Future Stars in FIFA 24 (EA FC 24) can be obtained in various ways, but the main one is through Scouting in the game’s Career mode. Here, scouts probe, study and analyze young talents who could join your team, looking at important issues such as age and physical potential.

Within the Career mode there is also the Youth Academy, where the player can create and run training centers for talented youngsters. The more you train them, the more skills they acquire to become great Future Stars.

You can also win these Future Stars through cards that are offered on the market to players during promotions and special events, purchased through the game’s store using your accumulated FC Coins. Keep an eye out!

With the team-building challenges that take place in Ultimate Team, players can also get their cards. There, you can create and customize teams by selecting the best players from different clubs and countries.

Now that you know what the Stars of the Future are and have seen the full list of players selected in 2024, you can enjoy FIFA 24 (EA FC 24) even more!

Take advantage of the fact that you’re here to check out more content about games, and don’t forget to comment on what you thought!

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