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Anyone who plays a lot of video games is already familiar with the term farming, an unofficial way to get more coins in games even faster. The method is often used in FC 24, a game that until 2023 was known as FIFA, especially in Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to create teams.

The use of farming in FC 24 is very common among fans of soccer and the game. With it, players can accumulate points, resources, experience and other advantages just by carrying out activities repetitively. These tactics, however, need to be done carefully so as not to go beyond the limits of the ethics of the company, EA.

If you’re still new to farming in FC 24, we’ve put together a complete guide so you can find out how to exploit the resource in the best way, getting the best advantages in your matches and standing out. Pay close attention to what you should and shouldn’t do.

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Farming in FC 24: how to do it?

farming no fc 24
The tactic helps to gain more advantages in the game

Farming in FC 24 can be done in a variety of ways, from the simplest to the most complex and risky. But the best way to get more points, rewards and other advantages is by repeatedly participating in the different modes the game offers, taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

So the first tip is to explore the game modes, such as Squad Battles, Rivals and Champions within FC 24, repeatedly taking part in each one. It’s important to do this several times, which requires a lot of dedication.

You can also constantly complete the game’s weekly objectives for the same purpose, accumulating more and more coins, cards and other benefits. These tasks include scoring goals, winning a certain number of matches, and other possibilities.

Don’t forget to take part in special challenges such as Team of the Week, which selects players each week who have excelled in real soccer matches, or Team of the Season, which consists of an annual selection based on players from all over the world.

fc 24
FC 24 is FIFA’s successor

You can also take part in the auctions that exist within FC 24, which are used to buy and sell the best players. By bidding, you can create negotiation strategies to make more profit when acquiring your players.

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Another good option for farming in FC 24, in order to make more profit, is to look for cards at good prices, reselling them for a higher price in the future, thus increasing the value of your purchase. The more you do this, the more likely you are to score points in your FC 24 games.

Farming in FC 24: what is the best method?

Among the methods mentioned for farming in FC 24, choosing the best one will depend on each player’s personal type of game and the patience they have to dedicate to the tasks. First of all, remember that it’s hard work and a lot of participation.

That’s why those who venture into the game modes are the ones who get the most out of the game. So you can use the time you have free to explore the Squad Battles, Rivals and Champions modes, and play over and over again to do well.

Farming in FC 24: is it safe?

The tactic of farming in FC 24 is safe, as long as it takes place legally. Even so, it’s worth remembering that the method is not very welcome in the community, as it is an anti-competitive practice.

But in order to stay safe in the game while getting more rewards, some rules need to be followed. The first is to avoid using third-party programs that work in an automated way to modify the game’s processes. This tactic is illegal and can result in more serious problems than in-game performance.

It’s also crucial that FC 24 players don’t take advantage of the game’s flaws to create benefits for themselves, while also damaging the integrity of the game. If this happens, the act is considered a violation of the terms of service, and those responsible will suffer the consequences.

Another practice that is very damaging to your reputation in the game is buying and selling coins or items outside the game, using third-party resources. So don’t make contact with people outside the game platform who offer quick ways to grow. By avoiding this, you also protect yourself from financial scams and personal data theft, which is much more important.

Can I be banned for farming in FC 24?

farming fc 24
FC 24 is one of the most popular soccer games

Those who go beyond the game developer’s rules can be banned from FC 24. This happens when tactics are unethical, harming not only the game’s developers but also other players.

To avoid being banned, you must avoid taking part in fraudulent actions, such as manipulating matches, exploiting flaws in the game and making illegal transactions with the help of third parties, as we have already mentioned here. It is also forbidden to use bots and other automation programs that mainly affect the game’s processes.

By avoiding all unethical farming behaviors in FC 24, you get more rewards for your matches and you don’t put your reputation and the progress of the game at risk.

If you are banned, you lose your players, your teams, all your achievements, coins and much more. In other words, your access can be totally or partially blocked, temporarily or permanently.

Don’t forget to always check the rules of FC 24, the old FIFA, to find out what you can and can’t do in the game. On the official website, you can see a complete list of unethical activities and what could get you banned. Play with ethics and dedication!

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