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A virtual soccer match needs to feature exciting dribbling. With the players showing all their talent on the pitch, your games become even more fun, exciting and technical.

If you’re looking for a place to find out what dribbling is in FC 24, formerly known as FIFA, and want some tips on how to do it, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our complete guide!

Dribbling in FC 24: why do it?

By understanding how dribbling works, you’ll be able to take on your opponents much more skillfully. The more dribbles you use in FC 24, the more chances you have of destabilizing the opposing team and increasing your possession of the ball, consequently earning you more chances of scoring.Dribbles in FC 24 (FIFA): importance, which are the best and how to do them

dribles no fc 24
FC 24 has several dribbling options

Using quick and agile movements, you can even create distracting opportunities to benefit your team. In some situations, dribbling in FC 24 can even confuse the goalkeeper and other players who are marked.

This way, you can open up more space for your team and, once again, create opportune situations to gain an advantage in the game.

Now that you know the importance of using and abusing dribbles in FIFA, let’s find out what they are and how to do them.

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Dribbling in FC 24: complete list

  • Bridge: R1 2x
  • Directed pen: hold R1 + L1 + directional pad upwards
  • Lift the ball: hold L1 + R3
  • Fake shot drag: hold L1 + kick + pass
  • Fumble: hold L2 + R1
  • Roll the foot on the ball: directional up or down
  • Body feint: directional left + directional right
  • Drag the ball backwards: hold L1 and R1 + directional downwards
  • Pedal: directional up + directional down
  • Pedal and go: directional up + directional down + direction
  • Cut the letter L2 + kick + pass
  • Cover with a letter and play in front: directional stick left + directional stick right
  • Fake forward and pull back: 2x right directional pad
  • Roll to the side: directional down or up + turn clockwise
  • Lift the ball stationary: L1 + R3
  • Roll the ball and cut: directional down + opposite direction
  • Pull back and turn: directional down and to the right
  • Letter pull: hold L1 + directional down + directional right
  • Fake pass: hold R2 + kick + pass
  • Fake pass and go out: R2 hold + kick + pass + directional to the right
  • Exit with four touches: hold L2 + 2x down directional pad
  • Heel scooter: briefly hold directional down + directional up
  • Single scooter: directional up + 2x directional up
  • Point with heel: hold L2 + R1 2x
  • Running spin: hold R1 + spin from bottom to left or right
  • Running stop and turn: directional pad to the left + the desired direction
  • Three-touch exit: hold R2 + directional pad down + directional pad right
  • Spin in possession: hold L1 + R1 when receiving the ball
  • Fake shot + cut: L1 + kick and X + left directional pad
  • Advanced scooter: directional down + directional up, hold, + directional up
  • Roll and lift the ball while running: hold down + directional pad to the left
  • Roll stationary: directional up + directional down quickly
  • Elastic band: directional down turning all the way to the left or right
  • Letter rubber band: hold R1 + down directional pad turning all the way to the left or right
  • Spin on the ball: hold L1 + R1 when receiving the ball
  • Little hat: hold L1 + up directional pad
  • Two heel slaps and go: hold R1 + directional up + directional down
  • Hocus Pocus or rubber band from behind: pull with directional pad down and rotate to directional pad left or right
  • Fake letter cut: hold L2 + kick + pass + down directional pad
  • Backwards scooter or ball in the air: directional up 2x + directional down
  • Bolasie dribble: hold R1 + directional pad up + directional pad left or right
  • Tornado Spin: hold L1
  • Triple rubber band: turn directional down and go left or right quickly
  • Protect and spin: directional up + directional left or directional right
  • Around the world: rotate 360º
  • Chest lift: hold L2 + R3 2x
  • Lift to volley: hold up directional
  • Elastic: directional left and directional right
  • Scorpion kick: hold L2 + R3 and then R2 + directional upwards

Dribbling in FC 24: which are the best and easiest?

The best dribbles in FC 24 are those classified as five-star, those that are so difficult to do that only extremely talented players can pull them off.

So if players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and others can do it, they’re considered five stars in FC 24. These maneuvers, of course, are more difficult, but as the stars fall the easier it is to dribble in FC 24.

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Here are the best dribbles and their rankings:

dribles no fc 24
5-star dribbling is done by stars!

Dribbling at FC 24: 5 stars

  • Spin on the ball
  • Little hat
  • Two heel slaps and go
  • Hocus Pocus or elastic behind
  • Fake cut
  • Backwards scooter or ball in the air
  • Bolasie dribble
  • Tornado spin
  • Triple rubber band
  • Around the world
  • Chest lift
  • Volley lift
  • Elastic
  • Scorpion kick

Dribbling in FC 24: 4 stars

  • Lifting the ball from a standstill
  • Roll the ball and cut
  • Pull the ball back and turn
  • Pull the ball back
  • Faking a pass
  • Faking a pass and coming out
  • Exit with four touches
  • Heel lick
  • Simple lurch
  • Point with heel
  • Running spin
  • Running stop and turn
  • Three-touch exit

Dribbling in FC 24: 3 stars

  • Pedal and out
  • Cutting in
  • Takes a free-kick and plays it forward
  • Fake forward and pull back
  • Roll to the side

Dribbling in FC 24: 2 stars

  • Roll your foot over the ball
  • Body feint
  • Dragging the ball back
  • Pedal

Dribbling in FC 24: 1 star

  • Bridge
  • Directed pen
  • Lifting the ball
  • Fake shot dragged
  • Dribbling

Now that you know all about how to dribble in FC 24, the old FIFA, you’re ready to take on the matches with all your might! Take advantage of the fact that you’ve come this far to check out all our articles on the game!

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