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In real-life soccer matches and in video games, such as FC 24, the EA game formerly known as FIFA, there are free-kicks. This happens when there is an infringement by a player from one team against the other, which can occur in a number of ways.

Although it’s not a pleasant situation, when a team commits a penalty, the player affected has the chance to score by fouling. This opportunity is essential to try and turn the game around, for example, or to start gaining the advantage during a draw.

If you’ve come this far because you’re looking for the best tips on how to take a free-kick in FC 24, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a complete guide for you to better understand what fouls are all about, what situations they occur in and how best to take them.

Prepare your notes, train your players and see how to draw a foul like no one else in FC 24 (FIFA).

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Drawing a foul in FC 24 (FIFA): what does it mean?

bater falta no fc 24
Drawing a foul at FC 24 takes a lot of skill and practice

Before we get into the tips and discover the best way to take a free-kick in FC 24, let’s understand when it happens. Imagine you’re in the middle of a match and suddenly the other player makes a pass at you, or pushes you on purpose, without making contact with the ball?

Or if you have or suffer unsportsmanlike conduct, or make an offside call? All of this results in a foul in favor of the opposing team. Even putting your hand on the ball can be negative if your player does it, ending up in a foul for your rival.

So when these situations happen, whether they are intentional or not, the referee simply stops the game to analyze the case. If the referee finds that there has been some kind of infringement, he decides that a foul will be called.

The team that has been wronged by the infringement will give a free-kick to FC 24. Let’s take a look at the types of fouls that can be awarded in the game.

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Drawing a foul in FC 24: types

Once the referee has decided that the team will take a free-kick in FC 24, there are a few types of fouls that can be taken. Check them out!

Direct free-kick

The direct free-kick is quite simple, and happens when the player kicks the ball straight into the goal. During this process, you can control the power of the kick on the controller, as well as the height and direction.

Curved kick

If you have more experience of controlling the kick, you can risk taking a free-kick in FC 24 by shooting in a more curved manner. This allows you to get around the wall and make the goalkeeper’s job more difficult.

Curved kicks are taken by moving the right stick while holding down the kick button.

bater falta no fc 24
You can foul FC 24 in different ways

Low kick

Shooting low can also be a good tactic when taking a free-kick in the game, instead of just shooting towards goal. To do this, you have to pass the ball low to a player on your team who is close by, creating a new opportunity for play.

The low shot also includes more elaborate moves, rehearsed in advance to create those scoring chances that benefit your team.

Crossing shots

The FC 24 free-kick can also be taken from a cross, ideal when your team is close to the opponent’s penalty area. With a cross, your players can even head the ball to continue its path and score a goal.

Drawing a foul in FC 24 (FIFA): the best tips

To successfully take a free-kick in your FC 24 (FIFA) matches, you need a lot of practice. Then, once you’ve got the hang of it, just follow the tips below and win your matches with an advantage.

The first tip is to choose the player who is going to take the free-kick, thinking about their best skills and whether they fit in with the current situation in the match. That’s why training sessions are so important, as they’ll make it easier to choose.

Next, you need to know how to position the ball on the pitch before shooting. Use and abuse the directional pad to choose the best position and then the direction in which to shoot.

The directional buttons are your best allies in this adjustment, so don’t stop testing until you’re sure the shot will be satisfactory. With the position set, it’s time to choose the best type of kick.

Choose between a direct, cross, low or curved kick, and then it’s time to determine the power. Remember that the longer you hold down the kick button, the stronger it will be and that’s not always the best option.

Control the power of the kick on the bar that appears on the game screen, choosing whether it’s best to kick hard or weaker in this situation. This detail is very important, so only release the button when you’re very sure.

Don’t forget to use the precision bar in FC 24 (FIFA), which appears next to the player. If you release the button at the lower end of the bar, the shot will be more accurate, and at the higher end it will be less. So combine the precision bar with the power bar and good luck with your shot!

Finally, always keep an eye on the obstacles in front of you, as the opposing team’s players may have built a powerful barrier that will block the ball from getting through.

bater falta no fc 24
To draw a foul on FC 24, control the accuracy and power of the shot

Drawing a foul in FC 24: train hard!

Now that you know when a foul happens, what types of free-kicks are taken and the best tips on how to successfully complete this mission, it’s time to train. In FC 24 (FIFA), you can do different types of training to improve your technique every day.

You can train your tackles in the game’s training mode, of course, by simulating events and trying until you get it right. You can also use the game’s Career mode to train, as you have access to more realistic match situations.

You can also practice in friendly matches, either against the artificial intelligence or a group of friends, so you don’t have to compromise on winning. You can also do skill challenges at different difficulty levels and have fun.

Don’t forget to always practice, as it’s practice that leads to perfection. Finally, taking free-kicks in FC 24 (FIFA) will always be very successful if you dedicate yourself constantly to practicing.

What did you think of our tips on drawing a foul in the game? Now that you know everything, take the opportunity to check out our other articles on the game FC 24, formerly FIFA, and stay up to date!

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