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To score lots of goals in FC 24, EA’s old FIFA, you need to use some of the techniques of real sport in the virtual world, such as marking players. There are many advantages you can gain in the game by scoring well while destabilizing your opponents.

Marking in FC 24 is a task that does require technique and a lot of attention, but it’s not difficult to achieve. And to make sure your marking is a success, we’ve prepared a guide with some tips on how to complete this mission successfully.

Among the advantages you’ll have to take into account are preventing the opponent from scoring, destabilizing the attack, creating collective strategies, controlling who is in possession of the ball and much more!

So let’s find out what the best tips are for marking in FC 24 with excellence?

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Marking in FC 24: why is it important?

Before discovering the tips for marking well in your FC 24 matches, we first need to understand its advantages. The main benefit is to prevent your opponent from getting into the goal area quickly and scoring.

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Knowing how to mark in FC 24 is important if you want to do well in matches

So the more you surround the rival team, the harder it will be for them to advance towards your goalkeeper and eventually score. By marking in FC 24, you can also better control who has possession of the ball.

The more effective you are at marking, the greater the chances are that your team’s players will regain possession when the ball is lost. In this way, your team becomes the ultimate controller of the match and creates great scoring opportunities.

Marking players can be a bit intimidating for the rival team, so they end up being misled at every turn. When the opponent makes a mistake, your team gains control of the game again. So reduce the opponents’ space for movement and take advantage of it.

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This destabilization caused by intense marking makes the rival attack weaker, with their chances of scoring more threatened. So get your team organized and make them understand how to surround their opponents with dexterity.

The more you do this, the more likely you are to win your matches in FC 24.

Marking in FC 24: how to do it?

To score in FC 24, just follow the tips below!

Controlling the players

The first step to marking well is knowing how to select your players and quickly switch between them. On PlayStation, you’ll use the L1 button, and on Xbox the LB button to make these changes.

So pay close attention to the players around you, both your team’s and the rival team’s, and know how to switch at the right time. Using the X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) button, you can also apply pressure to recover the ball if you lose it.

Space and retreat

Another important tip for marking in FC 24 is to know how to control your space and when to retreat. Therefore, the best option is not to always chase the same player who has possession of the ball, but to focus on limiting their movement.

This is done by knowing how to close down the spaces around you, in collaboration with other players on your team, and by being able to retreat when you are attacked. That’s why the players in the back line must be in tune.

marcar no fc 24
By following the tips on how to mark in FC 24, your team will win more matches

Anticipation and pressure

When we say that to mark in FC 24 you need to be very attentive to what’s going on in the game, because attention is crucial to success. Instead of thinking only about the future, about your attack and shots on goal, you have to know how to anticipate.

Pay close attention to anticipating the opposing team’s movements, so you can prepare for what’s to come. This is an important detail, but it’s also one of the most complicated because it requires a lot of practice. So make sure you always practice your passes before you start a dangerous game.

Score and score

The more you mark, the more likely you are to succeed. So score! Mark manually, choosing one of the rival team’s players, and when the need arises, don’t hesitate to double mark.

This type of marking also takes a lot of practice and is usually done in situations of extreme danger. While you’re marking a player, another colleague from your team can approach to help you with this task, leaving the rival even more cornered.

This tactic of marking in FC 24 is ideal for applying to the most dangerous opposition players, those who are the most threatening in matches and who have the greatest chance of scoring.

Don’t forget that, because it’s a more dangerous practice, it can leave other rival players free, which can be worse for your match.

Now let’s understand what types of marking are done in FC 24 (FIFA) and how they work.

Marking in FC 24: types

Now that you’ve got the tips on how to mark in FC 24, it’s time to take a look at the types of marking that exist in the game.

Pressure marking

This type of marking happens when your player closes down the space of the player who has the ball, inducing him to make a mistake.

Zone marking

In zone marking, a player chooses a specific area of the pitch and not a player.

Double marking

With double marking, a more experienced player is surrounded by two opponents, who end up gaining the advantage.

Cover marking

By marking with cover, the other players on your team are able to fill in the spaces you’re not covering, keeping control of the game for your team.

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Among the types of marking are pressure marking, zone marking, coverage marking and more

Personalized marking

In training, you can use the FC 24 to set personalized marks. You do this by studying the buttons on your controller, their purpose and adjusting the dial in the simplest way so that you can do very well in tournaments.

What did you think of our tips on how to mark in FC 24? By following our guide, there’s no doubt that your training sessions will become even more intense, leaving your players more than ready to win.

Take advantage of the fact that you’ve come this far to check out our other articles on FC 24 (FIFA) and get to know the universe of the new game!

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