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Formerly known as FIFA, the new FC 24 game has been a hit with those who like soccer in real life as well as virtual. The 2024 edition of the game brings new features, previously known functions and lots of incredible passes with the best players.

Those who are already immersed in the virtual soccer game are putting together the best teams to compete in matches, and with that comes the question: what are the best FC 24 formations? If this is your question, you’ve come to the right place!

To improve your gameplay, we’ve come up with some tips on how to set up the perfect teams and formations on the pitch, as well as some suggestions that promise to make your players do very well!

melhores formações fc 24
With the best FC 24 formations, you’ll do better in the game

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What are the best FC 24 formations?

Before taking a look at the best FC 24 formations, it’s time to understand how they work and how important they are to the gameplay.

The formations in FIFA, or FC 24, are basically the tactical organization of each team’s players on the pitch, impacting on their performances and results. These formations are designed to work in both attack and defense.

The formations are set up by numbers that represent the number of players who will be positioned in each line. So, when you look into the subject, you’ll find combinations like 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, among others.

The first number corresponds to the number of players who will play in the defensive line as defenders, of course. The second number refers to the players who play in midfield, called midfielders.

The third and final number, on the other hand, corresponds to the number of attacking players who will play in the attacking line of the match. Let’s see how it looks in practice?

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In formations like 4-4-2, we have four defenders in the back line, four midfielders in midfield, and two strikers in the attacking position.

The best FC 24 formations can vary depending on the needs of the game and the abilities of the players. You can choose to prioritize attack or defense, or try to create a balance between these roles.

Picking the best teams in FC 24

melhores formações fc 24
FC 24’s formations will depend on their play, focusing on defense or attack

Now that you know what formations are in FC 24 (FIFA), it’s time to find out how to create the best ones in the game. First of all, try to understand who your players are, what their respective skills are and what they have to offer.

The first step to creating the perfect formation is to analyze the players in your team, find out which ones are the best in defense and which ones stand out the most in attack. Then try to create a balance in defensive and offensive distribution based on the objectives of your game.

With this in mind, you’ll be able to determine the best formations in FC 24 (FIFA) for your style of play, ensuring the best performance on the pitch at all times.

Varying the best positions in FC 24

An important factor in having a successful formation in the game is not to dedicate yourself to just one. Think about, plan and write down the formations you’ve created so that you can vary them whenever necessary, taking into account the playing profile of each opponent.

Don’t forget to train to get better and better! If your players can’t adapt to the best formation, create new ones and keep training until it works!

FC 24’s best formations

Choosing the best FC 24 formations will depend on your playing style and needs, as we’ve already mentioned. But if you need some help with that, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together a list with some tips on formations that will improve your virtual soccer game.

Formation for defense: 4-4-2

If you’re looking for a game with a focus on defense, the best formation is the 4-4-2. In this combination, the team will have two central defenders and two wingers in the front line, two central midfielders and two outside midfielders, and two strikers.

The central defenders have the task of not only protecting the defensive area, but also breaking down the opposition’s attackers. They can also prevent the development of risky passes.

The central midfielders will help both attack and defense, collaborating in passing and recovering possession. Those on the outside will have the task of protecting the sides of the pitch, knowing how to create the best chances.

In attack, the two players will rely on the help of the defenders and midfielders to score goals. While one striker will focus on the goal area, the other can create one-off moves.

melhores formações fc 24
Don’t forget to analyze the game thoroughly before choosing the best line-ups for FC 24

Attacking formation: 3-5-2

Now, if you want a good attack in your game, the best formation is the 3-5-2, which has three players in defense, five in midfield and two strikers. Shall we see how it looks in practice?

In this formation, you’ll place three of your team’s defenders in the central part of the pitch. The aim of these players is to protect the defense area as well as possible, avoiding possible crosses from opponents and other types of passes.

In the middle of the field, two midfielders are in the center, helping in defense and also in attack, controlling the dynamics of the game. Meanwhile, the other three midfielders concentrate on the wings, focusing on attack.

Balanced formation: 4-2-3-1

If you’re looking for the best FC 24 formations that focus on balance between attack and defense, the best formation to choose is the 4-2-3-1.

In this somewhat daring formation, your game will feature four defenders in the center of the field, three midfielders also in the center, as well as two attacking midfielders and two strikers.

The four defenders will be positioned on the main defense line, protecting the defensive area and preventing dangerous passes from the opposing team.

The three midfielders will be responsible for regaining possession of the ball for their team, controlling the movement of the game. Meanwhile, the attacking midfielders are free to create goal-scoring opportunities.

What do you think of the best formations in FC 24 (FIFA)? Don’t forget to comment on your favorite! Take advantage of being here to find out much more about the game and other sports!

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