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The biggest goal in soccer, of course, is to score more goals than the opposition. But being able to get into the box, shoot the ball well and make it go in is a task that requires not only a lot of training, but also a lot of tactics and concentration.

It’s no different in FC 24, the EA Sports game that until last year was known as FIFA. In order to score, you also have to think about finishing, which basically means the act of kicking the ball towards the opposing team’s goal area.

So, to get a good finish in FC 24, you’ll need a few tips that will help you a lot during the match. You’ll have to think about issues such as shot control and power, direction, positioning and more!

finalização fc 24
Check out the best tips for finishing in FC 24

So let’s see what the main tips are for finishing in FC 24 and doing well in the game?

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Finishing in FC 24: what are the advantages?

It’s very important to know how to finish well during your matches in FC 24 (FIFA), because there are several advantages that come with it. The first is to build trust between the players on your team, so that you can make your competitors understand each other when it comes to scoring.

What’s more, all this trust ends up swaying your opponents, since your team is playing with a synchronized dynamic. So the more unstable your opponents become, the better your chances of scoring good points.

As well as building trust between the teams and unsettling the opposition, your team begins to gain the upper hand on the pitch, taking the lead in the game. This makes it much easier to make passes and create the best formation in FC 24.

Now it’s time to check out some tips!

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Finishing in FC 24: how to do it?

To make a great finish in FC 24, you need to pay attention to a few tips. Let’s take a look?

Positioning and shooting

The main step to completing a shot in FC 24 is knowing how to position your player well, making it easier to receive the ball and complete the shot. So don’t forget to always face the goal from favorable angles and distances.

Even before positioning yourself, also pay attention to the choice of shot that will be taken towards the goal, which will also depend on the situation you’re in. Shots can be taken at short or long range, higher or lower, so it’s crucial to find the best positioning.

finalização fc 24
To get the best finish in FC 24, you need a lot of concentration

Accuracy and targeting

Having found the best position to take a shot, the next step in FC 24 training is to achieve maximum precision when hitting the target. To do this, you need to use the directional pad with a lot of control, while following the next step.

To improve your accuracy, you’ll also need to know how to control your controller’s directional pad very well, paying close attention to the power of your shot. Remember that the harder you press the button, the more powerful your shot will be, and it doesn’t always have to be intense.

Calibrated finishing

To do even better in the game, you can perform a calibrated finish, a tactic that requires a lot of focus, skill and training. On PlayStation, the button used for this is the circle, and on Xbox it’s B.

Calibrated finishing is basically knowing how to hold down the kick button long enough to release it at the right time, guaranteeing the best pass to the goal. So get the positioning right, press the button, hold it and check the power bar.

The best time to release your finger from the button is when the bar is two to two-thirds to three-quarters full, so pay close attention to that! When you’re in the best position and your shot is on target, now it’s time to release the button and wait for the finishing magic to happen in FC 24.

But in FC 24, first and foremost, you need to practice your shot a lot before taking it during an important game. So explore the different techniques we’re showing you, practicing against the game’s artificial intelligence as much as you can.

Finishing in FC 24: top tips

Now that you know what it takes to finish in FC 24 (FIFA), it’s time to pick up the best tips so that your match is a success, you score lots of goals and you carry your team.

Know the right time to shoot!

The first tip for finishing well in FC 24 is to know the right time to shoot. So don’t be shy and pay close attention to your positioning so you don’t make a mistake when you shoot at goal.

You don’t always have to use the same type of shot, so always choose the best one for each type of situation. Remember that not all shots work on all occasions, and everything will depend on the need for precision and power.

Corners and crosses

Paying attention to the best corners and crosses is also essential to having good finishing moves in FC 24. Often, the ideal is not to shoot the ball into the middle of the goal, but on the sides, making it difficult for the goalkeeper to defend his area.

When you’re on the sidelines, take advantage of the crossing opportunities. You can use not only shots, but also headers, depending on how far you are from the goal.

finalização fc 24
Take advantage of penalty kicks to shoot well


The penalty kick is the best time to put your finishing training in FC 24 into practice, because the opposition can’t come at your player. So check your positioning, the angle at which you’re going to shoot and use all this to your advantage when it comes to taking the spot-kick.

With these tips, you’ll become more and more adept at finishing in FC 24, improving your skills and scoring lots of goals.

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