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Mixed Martial Arts is much more than just a competition; it’s a fusion of strength, technique and strategy, in which fighters challenge each other in a physical and mental confrontation to achieve victory. In this scenario, martial arts play a fundamental role, shaping the competitors and influencing every aspect of the sport.

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In this article, we’re going to delve into the world of martial arts, specifically MMA, and tell you a little more about its history and the moves involved in fighting.

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Martial arts in MMA

Martial arts have a rich and diverse history, originating in different cultures around the world.

From legendary oriental disciplines such as Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo and Muay Thai, to Greco-Roman wrestling techniques, each form of martial art contributes to MMA fighters’ vast arsenal of skills.

In MMA, the combination of different martial arts styles results in a dynamic and unpredictable sport where competitors must master a variety of fighting techniques on their feet and on the ground;

Versatility is the key to success, and athletes who can integrate multiple styles have a significant advantage over their opponents.

Mental strength in MMA: another martial arts principle

In addition to the physical part, MMA is also a mental game. Strategy plays a crucial role, both inside and outside the octagon;

Fighters must study their opponents, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, and develop adaptable game plans for each fight. The ability to read and react to situations in real time is essential, requiring tactical intelligence and cunning.

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During a fight, strategy can manifest itself in many ways, from controlling the pace of the fight to capitalizing on opportunities to attack or defend;

Fighters must be able to adjust their approach as the fight progresses, adapting to the circumstances and remaining calm under pressure.

Martial arts in the world of MMA: all the moves in the sport

MMA, known as Mixed Martial Arts, is ascending to the role that traditionally belonged to boxing: that of being the most popular fight in the world;

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Suplex – Greco-Roman Wrestling

While some Greek thinkers were shaping philosophy, others were developing this technique: a stroke of Greco-Roman wrestling that has spanned the centuries;

When an opponent approaches to throw a punch, the skilled fighter dodges, moves forward with a quick stride and grabs his opponent’s legs.

The energy of the opponent’s punch now works in the fighter’s favor. The opponent’s body is thrown forward. With balance and dexterity, the fighter prevents the opponent from falling. Now it’s your turn to act: lift your opponent into the air.

Turn your opponent’s body 45 degrees and throw them to the ground like a sack of cement. The impact on the back is overwhelming. Common sense dictates that you shouldn’t kick a fallen opponent, and the same rule applies in the UFC.

However, punches are allowed until the referee intervenes. A punch in this position can have a force of up to 900 kg, much more than a conventional punch.

Gravity is responsible for this force. But the permission to punch an opponent to the ground is one of the most controversial rules in MMA.

Steven Seagal-style kick

The story of the blow that knocked out Vitor Belfort began 30 years ago in Japan, when Steven Seagal taught martial arts there. The action movie star, who is also an aikido master, created the move.

He taught it to Spider, as Steven Seagal and Anderson Silva claim. Bullshit. The Brazilian later admitted that he has always practiced this kick. It is a technique used in many martial arts.

The blow consists of a blow with the front of the foot, not a stomp. The technique involves projecting the hip forward while the thigh is raised, increasing the range of the kick and the chance of surprising the opponent.


This is the most brutal blow: the force of impact can reach 2.5 tons. No wonder it’s the favorite of Anderson Silva, UFC middleweight champion.

The force begins in the supporting leg and intensifies as it passes through the hip muscles until it is concentrated in the knee. Meanwhile, the fighter pulls on the opponent’s head, aiming to cause a severe concussion.


This elbow strike doesn’t start in the arm, but in the back foot. Pressing into the ground, the force spreads down the leg, through the hips and the entire back muscles, like a wave of energy, which grows exponentially.

This wave crashes into the opponent’s temple. The blow can reach up to 300 HIC (Head Injury Criteria). Knockouts occur at 250 HIC. In other words, it’s a potentially lethal technique.


Punches are a fundamental part of any MMA fighter’s arsenal. They can be straight punches, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, among others, aimed at hitting the opponent in various parts of the body, such as the face, body and ribs.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu strikes

Jiu-Jitsu is an essential part of MMA, and fighters often use chokes, joint locks and ground control techniques to finish their opponent or gain an advantage.

As MMA continues to evolve, martial arts will continue to play a central role in defining the sport. New techniques and strategies are constantly being developed, driven by innovation and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

MMA’s global popularity continues to grow, attracting talent from all over the world and raising the level of competition to new heights. Ultimately, MMA is a celebration of martial arts in its purest form that captivates and inspires fans all over the world.

And it is this unique combination of elements that makes MMA one of the most exciting and unpredictable forms of competitive sport in the modern world.

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