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Every four years, right after the Olympics, the Paralympics also take place. The Paralympic Games are dedicated to athletes who have some kind of disability, whether physical, visual or intellectual.

As with the Olympics, there is also a ranking of the greatest Paralympic medalists in history. These athletes have collected gold, silver and bronze medals, showing that they are great names in sport.

Are you curious to meet some of the world’s greatest Paralympic medalists? Then stick around to find out who they are!

List of the 20 greatest Paralympic medalists

  • Trischa Zorn
  • Zipora Rubin-Rosenbaum
  • Daniel Dias
  • Roberto Marson
  • Jonas Jacobsson
  • Frank Höfle
  • Heinz Frei
  • Gerd Schönfelder
  • Knut Lundstrøn
  • Michael Edgson
  • Bart Dodson
  • Tatyana McFadden
  • Pryia Cooper
  • Sarah Storey
  • Maria Scutti
  • Natalie du Toit
  • Lee Pearson
  • Zhang Xiaoling
  • Christopher Scott
  • Jessica Long

Greatest Paralympic medalists: the top 20 champions

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Meet some of the world’s greatest Paralympic medalists

20. Jessica Long

  • Country: Russia
  • Sport: swimming
  • Medals: 6

Russian swimmer Jessica Long has won six Paralympic medals during her career. The physically disabled athlete has three gold medals, two silver and one bronze.

19. Christopher Scott

  • Country: Australia
  • Sport: Cycling
  • Medals: 10

Christopher Scott, an athlete with cerebral palsy, is one of the world’s greatest Paralympic medalists. Competing in cycling, he has won 10 medals: six gold, two silver and two bronze.

18. Zhang Xiaoling

  • Country: China
  • Sport: Table Tennis
  • Medals: 12

Zhang Xiaoling, a disabled athlete, won 12 medals at the Paralympics playing table tennis. Of these, nine are gold, one silver and two bronze.

17. Lee Pearson

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Sport: para-hippism
  • Medals: 14

Lee Pearson, one of the greatest para-hippie athletes, has a physical disability and has won no less than 14 medals at the Paralympics. Among the medals, 11 are gold, two silver and one bronze.

16. Natalie du Toit

  • Country: South Africa
  • Sport: swimming
  • Medals: 15

At the Paralympics alone, Natalie du Toit has 15 medals from her swimming competitions. The athlete, who has a physical disability, has 13 gold medals and two silver medals.

15. Maria Scutti

  • Country: Italy
  • Sport: athletics, fencing, swimming and table tennis
  • Medals: 15

Italy’s Maria Scutti was a multi-sport athlete who won 15 medals at the Paralympics. The athlete competed in athletics, swimming, fencing and table tennis, winning 10 gold medals, three silver and two bronze.

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14. Sarah Storey

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Sport: cycling and swimming
  • Medals: 16

Sarah Storey is a Paralympic cycling and swimming athlete who has won 16 Paralympic medals. Of these, five are gold, eight silver and three bronze. The athlete has a physical disability.

13. Pryia Cooper

  • Country: Australia
  • Sport: swimming
  • Medals: 16

Australian swimmer Pryia Copper is one of the greatest Paralympic medalists in history. In all, she has won 16 medals at the Paralympic Games, nine gold, three silver and four bronze.

12. Tatyana McFadden

  • Country: Russia
  • Sport: Cross-country skiing
  • Medals: 17

Tatyana McFadden started competing in the paralympics when she was just eight years old, winning her first medal in 2004. In all, she has 16 Paralympic medals, seven gold, six silver and three bronze.

11. Bart Dodson

  • Country: United States
  • Sport: Wheelchair racing
  • Medals: 20

Bart Dodson, an athlete from the United States, competed in wheelchair racing, becoming one of the greatest athletes of the Paralympics. In all, he won 20 medals: 13 gold, three silver and four bronze.

10. Michael Edgson

  • Country: Canada
  • Sport: swimming
  • Medals: 20

Visually impaired athlete Michael Edgson is one of the most successful Paralympians of all time. Over the years he has participated in the Olympics, he has won 20 medals, 17 gold and three silver.

9. Knut Lundstrøm

  • Country: Norway
  • Sport: Ice sled racing
  • Medals: 21

Knut Lundstrøm, from Norway, competed in the Paralympics in ice sled racing. Over the course of the championships, he collected 21 medals, 14 gold, five silver and two bronze.

8. Gerd Schönfelder

  • Country: Germany
  • Sport: Alpine skiing
  • Medals: 22

Gerd Schönfelder, an alpine ski athlete, has a physical disability. In the years he has competed in the Paralympics, he has won 22 medals: 16 gold, four silver and two bronze.

7. Heinz Frei

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Sport: Wheelchair racing
  • Medals: 23

Swiss athlete Heinz Frei is one of the world’s greatest Paralympic medalists and has won 23 Paralympic medals: 11 gold, six silver and five bronze.

6. Frank Höfle

  • Country: Germany
  • Sport: Cross-country skiing, biathlon
  • Medals: 24

Frank Höfle, a biathlon and cross-country ski athlete, won 24 medals at the Paralympics. Of these, 14 are gold, five silver and five bronze.

5. Jonas Jacobsson

  • Country: Sweden
  • Sport: Shooting
  • Medals: 25

Paralympic shooting athlete Jonas Jacobsson has won 25 medals in the years he has competed. He was also the first athlete to be named Sweden’s sports personality of the year.

Jacobsson’s medals include 17 gold, four silver and nine bronze.

4. Roberto Marson

  • Country: Italy
  • Sports: athletics, swimming, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing
  • Medals: 26

Italian Roberto Marson was a multi-sport athlete who practiced athletics, swimming, basketball and wheelchair fencing. In these sports, he won 16 gold medals, seven silver and three bronze.

3. Daniel Dias

  • Country: Brazil
  • Sport: swimming
  • Medals: 27

Swimming athlete Daniel Dias has a physical disability and is one of the world’s top Paralympic medalists in swimming. In all, he has 27 medals: 14 gold, seven silver and six bronze.

2. Zipora Rubin-Rosenbaum

  • Country: Israel
  • Sport: Table tennis, swimming, athletics and wheelchair basketball
  • Medals: 31

Israeli athlete Zipora Rubin-Rosenbaum is on the list of top Paralympic medalists. The physically disabled athlete has excelled in sports such as table tennis, swimming, athletics and wheelchair basketball.

She has won a total of 31 medals: 15 gold, nine silver and seven bronze.

1. Trischa Zorn

  • Country: United States
  • Sport: swimming
  • Medals: 55

Visually impaired swimmer Trischa Zorn competed in the Paralympics between 1980 and 2004 and won 55 medals. Of these, 37 are gold, 10 silver and five bronze.

What did you think of getting to know the world’s greatest Paralympic medal winners? To find out more about the Olympics and Paralympics, take advantage of the fact that you’ve come this far and check out our articles on the main sports.

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